Dearest Diary,
Oh dear oh dear oh dear, I'm afraid that I haven't had the time to write in you. As my last entry stated, I got accepted into Monster High... So that has kept me busy within itself.
Since I wrote in you, we had a ghouls creepover. It was um... Very very interesting. I kinda promised Marceline a dress without asking the hosts of the party... sweatdrop Oh dear, that was dramatic. But it all pretty much ended happily ever after.
Then, it was spirit week. Spirit week was very unique, I should say. I daresay I liked Parent Day the most. It was interesting to see all the different backgrounds attending monster high. Of course, clumsy me broke a flip flop and tripped... Well, I almost did. Until Motthew, the son of a moth man, caught me. redface It was a good catch!
The Tombcoming football game wasn't really anything special. My little brother Doran was staying with me and he practically made me go.
Tombcoming was... Interesting. Ronan was very honest with me, and I adore that about him. I'm glad that he's now happy with Meme. Motthew pretty much danced with me the entire night. It was sweeeeeetttttt....

Then at the SKRM match he actually... Asked me to be his ghoulfriend... OF COURSE I SAID YES!!!!! It's like aaaaah!!!
I'm wasting my time fanghouling now.