I picked up Doriana at 7 as agreed, and I was pleasantly surprised that her uncle and aunt did not as I had feared, make any sort of fuss about my presence.

The trip back to school was awkward.
Time has not, as I had hoped, brought Doriana and I closer.
We still struggle to speak to one another and I find her as frustrating as always.

I was however determined to keep my promise, despite how difficult Doriana is, she deserved a night to remember.

Somehow though, I managed to offend or upset her and she ran off. I found her a short while later dancing with Mothew, but she didn’t look as happy as she had in the halls.

One of Jewel’s friends, a troll ghoul I had barely encountered previously insisted I go explain myself to Doriana, so I did.

I told her what my father had told me earlier in the evening, and I hoped she would understand.

Thankfully she did, she thanked me for being honest and told me I should dance with Meme.

She was right, Meme was who I wanted to be there with.

She has always been the beast monster to go for for advice, and having nobluddy else to ask, I asked Meme how to tell a ghoul you had romantic interest in her.

She told me I should be honest and clear, and so I told her how I felt about her.
That she was uhmazing and while not conventionally attractive, she was bootiful in her own unique way. That she was sweet, and smart and so patient with me. How talking to her was easy, I wanted to spend time with her.

She got overwhelmed and had to leave for a while to gather her thoughts and for a time I thought I had really messed things up.
Ascreama told me to give her time and she was right, Meme came back and told me she liked me!
I can still barely believe it. Meme is such a scabulous ghoul, and she actually likes me as more than friends!?
I feel like i’m dreaming, I do hope I don’t wake any time soon.