As agreed, I met Doriana at the pep rally.
Immediately she pulled me into a storage room to get out of the noise and crowd. I asked her once more if she would prefer to attend the dance with the new boo Mothew, but she insisted she had not changed her mind.
She couldn’t explain why she still wished to attend tombcoming with me though.

The pep rally started and Meme texted me to find out if we’d seen her fliers.
I decided I wasn’t going to get any useful answer out of Doriana and left her to puzzle out her feelings alone.
Perhaps she will get back to me about it.

I was delighted to learn that Meme had been putting my suggestions about organisation toward her campaign for tombcoming queen.
She said I “Inspired her” which is more than a little flattering. She would have made a wonderful queen.

Ascreama was in a strange mood when she met up with us. Meme thinks she must be sulking over some imported snack being held up in customs. Even so, I don’t like seeing my friends upset.
Meme said we should leave her to it and she knows the blob ghoul far better than I so must be right.

That evening we all attended the football game. I have never seen a game of Uhmerican football and it is marvellously violent. There is nothing quite like watching a game live, the atmosfear is quite unique and electrifying.

Scream King and Queen were announced shortly before the game began: Rorrim Bludworth and a ghoul named Jewels Underne.
I am pleased to see Rorrim win, he’s another new student like myself and he’s spent a great deal of his life apart from other monsters as well. He is fitting in very well, as this win illustrates. I’m very happy for him. He makes a good king.

I finally got to officially introduce myself to the new boo Mothew. He is very friendly and I see why Doriana likes him.
Unfortunately our conversation somewhat got derailed when Doriana and her brother showed up and Meme ran off hissing something about children.
Ascreama went to find her, leaving Mothew, Doriana, her brother and myself to watch the game.

At half time I went to get food by found myself overwhelmed by the crowd.
I’d never seen so many monsters in such a confined space, I didn’t think I could breathe.
Roswell Grey came to my rescue and pulled me into a broom closet, away from the tide. He too was feeling overwhelmed so we waited for the crowd to disperse some before venturing out to purchase snacks.

On the way back I heard tell of something called a “kiss cam” which apparently is some uhmerican sporting tradition.
I missed the half time show and this “kiss cam” thing, but I did manage to obtain scorn dogs and soda for everyone.

When the game ended I found Meme, she offered no explanation for her disappearance but at least she was alright.
I wasn’t finding the crowd very easy to deal with however, but she took my hand and guided me through it deftly as we moved on to the die-ner to celebrate Monster High’s win over Granite City.

Had a great evening, everyone was in a fangtastic mood and I know i’ll sleep well tonight after all that hexcitement.