I felt an absolute fool today, but thankfully so did all the other boos.
I hardly think cross dressing day is fair to the boos, ghouls wear boo clothing every day but how often does a boo wear a skirt?

And female shoes are utterly impractical. I didn’t even have much of a heel but my feet are aching as if i’ve walked several miles.

Doriana and the new boo seem to have hit it off. They were dancing in the halls this morning. Dashner thinks I should be jealous but frankly I think it’s sweet. I’ve never seen her smile till today.

Perhaps she would prefer to attend the dance with him.

Dashner thinks this is a big deal but his argument didn’t make a lot of sense. Surely she should attend the dance with someone who makes her happy?

Besides, as tombcoming looms nearer, I find myself starting to panic. What if I ruin everything and upset her? From how everybluddy is talking, tombcoming is a big deal, particularly for ghouls. I would hate to be responsible for spoiling it for Doriana.
It may sound cowardly, but I almost hope she has changed her mind. It would take a great deal of pressure off of me.

I could not find her at lunch to ask in person, so I sent her a text enquiring. She told me to meet her at a pep rally tomorrow to discuss things.

Meme is back in school today and apparently it’s all down to my soup. I’m so pleased to see her.