This week is spirit week, which i’m told is all about school spirit and showing it through the dressing up in ridiculous themed costumes.

Monday’s theme was “dress like your parents.”

I wasn’t really sure what to wear so I asked my mother’s advice. She suggested I take it more abstractly and dig out my Bunad.

I haven’t worn it since my cousin’s wedding last year when by some fluke, my mother and I were invited. I believe the bride wanted to try to incorporate as much of the family as she could, even estranged uncles and aunts.
My mother and I tried our best, but my father’s normie relatives have never quite got used to the idea of monsters in the family.
We ended up sitting at a table in the corner and being shunned all night.
My mother didn’t seem to mind but my father was fuming. He wouldn’t say anything at the time only because he didn’t want to upset the happy couple, but he spent the night muttering under his breath and didn’t seem himself the whole drive home.
I do not believe we will be attending any further family functions.

Everyone else’s outfits were far more elaborate and fascinating than my own, monster heritage is clearly all about going as over the top as possible.
There were monsters in full armor, others in gold braided gowns and elaborate headdresses.

I believe I may have inadvertently insulted Melody Nocturna by questioning her choice in attire. I could not help it, she was wearing so little!
However I believe I may need to send her some baked goods by way of apology.
She looked rather mad but I managed to escape before she could retaliate.

I have asked Ascreama’s help with Thursday’s cross gender theme, which will be humiliating I am certain.

Apparently Meme is unwell today. My mother always swore soup was the best cure for any ailment, though I myself cannot cook without causing a great deal of devastation in the kitchen.
I shall have to see if one of the local cafes sells soup to go, and call in on her this evening.
I would hate for her to miss spirit week, all the chaos and celebrations seem like something she would enjoy.