All the boos were invited to a creepover at the Mehra mansion.
I did not intend to attend, I was still hexhausted after a frustrating morning with Automica and her ridiculous Gremlin friend. I told him not to touch anything but he had to go and fiddle with the car, next thing we know BANG, there’s chrome polish everywhere, particularly all over me. It’ll take days before all this washes out.

However Dashner called in a flap asking for an emergency costume. Apparently the boos decided at the last minute to make it a fancy dress party and Dashner felt underdressed.

I gathered up some things and went to find him at the mansion, but decided to stay when a hex box tournament was suggested.
Sadly that accident prone gremlin fried the electrics and the party was moved to an outdoors camp out.

It wasn’t as bad as I had anticipated. The other boos were very friendly and we sat around a camp fire and told stories. I told them the tale of how my parents met, which was met with a better reception than I maybe feared. While it is true, many monsters do still have a great deal of wariness around Normies, there isn’t the hostility I have come to expect from my interactions with other Selkie.
I am glad to learn that Monster High is as tolerant as it was said to be.

I have been nominated by Ascreama for scream king, which surprised me. I am not certain I agree with what she wrote about me, but it is nice to be nominated. I’m still not sure what the king and queen do though, it seems a rather arbitrary title with little to no actual power. I do not believe I will campaign, I have better things to do with my time than engage in ridiculous popularity contests.