That malfunctioning lab partner of mine has a lot to answer for this time. She volunteered my services rechroming Mr Hackington’s car tomorrow morning!

Hardly how I was planning to spend my weekend, but I haven’t any choice in the matter now. I informed her that she would be helping me, as it’s her fault i’m having to give up my morning swim and hexaust myself with manual labour.

After class I was accosted by the invisible ghoul Vanissha, who I am certain is a few oarsmen short. She ranted at me for quite some time about Ascreama and how I was breaking her heart . She then declared that as revenge she was going to nominate Ascreama as scream queen. I’m not certain what she’s talking about or how Ascreama being scream queen would be vengeance but that ghoul never seems to speak much sense.

I’m sure Ascreama would make a wonderful scream queen anyway, she likes sparkly things and I believe there’s a crown involved.
Though I am not certain how well she could wear a crown, perhaps it would sink into her goo... hmm, best not to dwell too long on that image.