Today Doriana asked me to tombcoming.

At first I was unsure what she was asking, but it would seem she wishes to attend the dance as “more than friends”. This i’m informed means she has some sort of romantic interest in me, which I am not sure how I feel about.

She’s not a bad ghoul, she’s moderately attractive and we should by all reasoning have a great deal in common, but I find her frustrating and confusing to be around. Perhaps that will change as we get to know one another better. I suppose as the old adage goes, only time will tell.

I have said yes. This is my first tombcoming and i’m not certain I like the idea of attending alone.

I spent some time this evening studying with Meme. She’s a smart ghoul, if only she could organise her notes a little better. I gave her some suggestions which she seemed enthusiastic about, I hope she finds it helpful.
I enjoy spending time with her, she’s infinitely patient with me and my particular difficulties. It was nice to be able to give her some advice for once, when usually she’s the one telling me what to do.