I woke up the next morning nestled in Inuyasha's arms. He was leaning against the wall of the opening, sleeping. I close my eyes and hummed happily thinking back to last night, going over one detail, the kiss on my head. What did it mean? Was I just over thinking things? I sighed, then felt him start to stir. I quickly slowed my breathing so it would seem like I was still asleep.
"Huh? Kagome?" I stayed silent. I felt his arms tightened around me, and his face go into my hair. Suddenly, there was a voice from the cave.
"Inuyasha! Kagome is…oh.”
“Sleeping? Yeah, I know Miroku.”
“Well I can go if you’re busy…” I felt myself being scooped up.
“No. Block of the cave, will ya? You didn’t do it last night.”
“Sure.” I felt myself being set down, and heard the rustle of clothes as someone sat down next to me.
“Man. Can’t believe we are stuck here because of me.”
“It’s not your fault, Inuyasha.” He just sighed. “Have you told Kagome yet?”
“No.” Wait, tell me what?
“You really should, you know?” He sighed again.
“Yeah. I know Sango.”
“What, your gunna finally tell her you loooooove her? Ouch!”
“What? He was asking for it!” OK, that’s enough. I started to stir and sat up.
“What’s with all the racket?”
“Kagome! Inuyasha hit me!” I sighed.
“’Cause he was asking for it!” I sighed again.
“Sit boy!” He pulled his face out of the dirt.
“’Cause you were asking for it.” There was scattered laughter around. “Come on Sango. I left my stuff outside, and I could use some girl time.” We got outside and Sango turned to me.
“What is it, Kagome?” I took a deep breath.
“I think I love him. Inuyasha.”