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Name: Flora Patel
Age: 14-15
Birthdate:: Feb 20th
Gender: Female
Nationality: French/British
Height/Weight: 5'5, 120 lbs
Eye/Hair color: Golden, Pink with light red bangs
Hair Style: Straight and stops mid back with neat bangs, often has pieces on the side pulled back to hold the ribbon in the back of her hair.

Personality: Flora is a young woman with strong ties of loyalty to her family. She has an inferiority complex strongly fueled by growing up for a short time with her superstitious mother. As a result she has cycled herself into being something of pushover. With her mother disregarding her talents and her already gentle personality the girls' complex didn't let up even when she ended up being adopted by her aunt and uncle.

Truthfully, Flora is an oddball often seen clumsily roaming outside or with her nose buried in books dealing with all kinds of folklore. Due to her strange abilities to hear fragments of speech from spirits or sense their presence (she cannot see them or even pinpoint their exact location but she can and will hone in on a general presence of other worldly origins) she will pause in the middle of activity as if she's been touched or heard something and appears eccentric to outsiders which in turn embarrasses her quite frequently. She tries to write off the experiences as the wind or feeling sick which works for her as she doesn't enjoy speaking about her abilities to others.

Flora comes off as reserved in public unless she's actively approached then she will turn her attention positively and remain engaged for a while in conversation. Despite a willingness to be social Flora has some issues communicating or jumps frequently from topic to topic causing others to get confused easily.

Her sense of fashion is heavily influenced by the Lolita style, namely sweet, aristocratic, country and sailor trends. There's also a fondness of maid outfits that the girl has which many chalk up to her love of frilly looking outfits.

Lastly thanks to the superstitious upbringing with her mother Flora is strongly interested in fairies and folklore since they are prominent in British lore, especially fairy rings. As a result she chose to build her duel deck with special magical creatures but still relies heavily on magic cards to enhance her monsters. She is also known for using various traps that will wear down an opponent quickly.

Bio: Born and raised in Japan Floras' father was French, her mother British. The couple ultimately moved with intentions to travel the world but once Flora was born it was decided the best thing to do was for her mother to settle down in a friendly city. Her father was for the most part entirely out of her life, only occasionally visiting his wife and daughter which left her to be raised by a superstitious woman who had strict guidelines for how a little girl should behave due to her own up bringing. Along with a serious parenting style Flora was also raised on all types of folklore, mostly in hopes that some of the scarier tales would help scare her out of trouble.

By the age of 4 her mother began to notice that Flora would pause in the middle of playing and ask if someone was talking to her. Her mother, disturbed by her daughters' talk would tell her not to speak about such things. The problem only became worse in public as Flora began to fear walking by areas like cemeteries because 'people talked there', it even progressed into the city in fits of the girl becoming nervous and crying at random unable to stand the voices spirits that naturally seemed drawn to her. Shortly after her fifth birthday her father mysteriously cut off all ties to the family, something that worried her mother greatly and ate away at her mentally.

During this period of her life Flora was left to play outside on her own, unaware of the proximity in which she lived to another family. One day it began to rain while the girl was playing and instead of returning home the girl became disoriented by the sudden storm and got lost for a few hours. By chance the girl ended up attracting the attention of the Arclight siblings. After all, how odd was it to see a pink haired, disoriented girl stumbling around outside for no reason? The youngest of the boys, Michael was quick to inspect when the family dog ran out to meet the girl. Flora panicked when the green eyed boy attempted to stop the animal causing Flora to run away. She didn't make it far before she was swiftly brought inside and asked where she lived. During the short lived time she was there Michael tried to calm the girl by showing off his favorite duel cards. Flora was not yet introduced to the world of dueling but immediately took an interest as the boy let her examine the cards closer. Soon afterward she was picked up by a very embarrassed mother who made it a point to apologize but Floras' interest had been peaked in dueling and her mother reluctantly at first allowed her to begin collecting cards.

Also around this time Flora began to talk regularly about a man with dark hair and golden eyes. As her mother listened to her talk it was clear she was describing her father. Still worried about the disappearance one day in the spring Flora came in playing carrying an armful of red poppies, something that didn't grow wildly near their home at all. When she asked where she got them Flora stated that the dark haired man told her where to find them. Poppies were a flower that her father used to bring her mother before he left on long trips, it hit the woman suddenly; her husband was gone. He had been missing for five years and the memories from those simple flowers brought that to life. The whole situation repulsed her enough to push all her anger to the surface misdirecting it at her daughter. The commotion caused Flora to be forcibly taken from her mother.

The time that Flora was taken was traumatizing for the girl and she refused to tell anyone about what she experienced with spirits. During this time her mother also went under a strong mental strain and in a act to save her own sanity she abandoned the child. Flora ultimately ended up being adopted by her aunt and uncle who worked with local businesses, her aunt namely as a budding designer was recruited to design outfits while her uncle maintains and runs a convenience store.

Right before the events of WDC the tiny family moved a final time for a big business deal that came up with her aunt. They moved to Heartland City, not far from Yuuma who had the misfortune of running head on into Flora as she was packing in a box containing her duel deck. Cards were sent flying as the boy frantically began to help her gather up the precious items then it became clear; she was a duelist and his age! She must be a new student to the school! Before he could talk to her though the presence of Astral spooked her having sensed him. Flora locked herself away at home until the next school day when word of the Duel Carnival reached her. Flora registered assuming this would be a chance to perhaps make friends with the common interest of dueling.

One of her first duels ended up being with one of Yuumas' friends, the short lived battle cost her a heart piece but attracted Yuumas' attention who had been wanting to see her dueling style. During this time she was able to rediscover Michael, now going by III but it appeared the boy didn't seem to recall her. After his battle with Yuuma and awakening from the short lived coma the boy didn't quite know how Flora knew even a fragment about his life before his family fell apart.

Flora however was insistent on talking to III however. Eventually, through Yuuma the two got a chance to talk and through a bit of laughter discovered their interests slightly fit together. Her love of folklore from different civilizations and her ability to speak with spirits fit into his interest in ancient history and the two had something to bond over.

Even with reuniting with the person who introduced her dueling Flora has not made much progress and did not place in the finals. After IIIs' untimely defeat her spark for dueling died down and she became quiet again to Yuumas' dismay who wanted her to keep dueling. Flora stated continuously that she was scared but eventually all the reassurance managed to get her back into dueling. When things returned to normal and III along with his brothers returned her life continued as always, studying and dueling while learning about her gift.

She still sometimes will be seen arguing with what people assume is random spirits but she's learning more about about her ability to talk to spirits and how to handle it through books and various techniques she has been taught.

Likes: Tea, Sweets, Reading, Lolita fashions, Animals, Spiritual topics, Paranormal things, Reading Baking & Folklore
Dislikes: Speaking about her abilities, Crowded areas where spirits might be louder, Strawberries (She dislikes the seeds) & Being thought of as crazy

Series: Zexal (YGO)
Duel Deck: RFP fairy deck
Favorite Card: Call of the Haunted