I put my head down into his hair as he was carrying me. I could hear Kirara behind us carrying Shippo and the rest. Since the New Moon was tomorrow, we were trying to find a safe place to stay.
“Kagome?” My head snapped up and I blushed slightly at the sound of my name.
“You ok? I mean…you seem really out of it.
“Of course I’m fine.” I out my head down slightly again, and thought ‘I would be ok if you only felt the same way.’
“Don’t lie to me.” I put my head up a little again.
“I’m not. Did you find somewhere yet?”
“I think so.” He put his head up to sniff the air when suddenly the wind pushed my hair into his face.
“Why are you apologizing?” he turned his head slightly and I blushed deeper as he seemed to take in my scent. He stopped suddenly and set me down gently on my feet. I faced the mouth of the cave. "This should work." I looked in and noticed the size. It was just big enough for five human sized people, which means it was close quarters. Sango and Miroku laid down next to each other, and Kirara and Shippo went down between them. I laid next to Sango, making sure there was enough room for Inuyasha. I fell asleep soon after, but woke in the middle of the night shivering. Suddenly, I felt a piece of fabric being set down on me and a gentle kiss being placed on my head. I heard the footsteps walk toward the mouth of the cave then. I sat up and looked, and Inuyasha was sitting down, sword in hand.
"Inuyasha?" His head moved in my direction. "You said it was safe. Sleep, you need your rest as well." He sighed.
"What if it isn't, though?" I walked over with his cloth of the Fire Rat over my shoulders, and knelt down next to him.
"You shouldn't be the only one awake." I felt a shiver go through my body again at the cold wind. Suddenly, I felt arms wrap around me and pull me in. I looked up at Inuyasha. He was staring down at me, and I blushed slightly looking down. I felt his chin on on the top of my head.
"You can sleep here if you want." My face felt very hot, and I didn't trust my voice, so I simply nodded my head and let sleep take me again.