"P o m p e i i"

Warning: May contain spoilers

So I watched the movie Pompeii today.
One shot of Kit Harington and I nearly wet meself.
(Great, now I have to get into Game of Thrones.)
Anyhoo, I digress.

The movie itself was pretty good.
Although it was pretty heavy on the gladiator action.
The "love story" element was just perfectly enough.
There was no embarrassing sex scene
(though seeing Kit Harington nekkid might've been nice)
so I wasn't embarrassed to be surrounded by women.

The cast played their parts perfectly.
Kiefer Sutherland plays an A-hole well.
That girl who played Kit's girlfriend was pretty.
She was your typical "noble, rich" girl who wants to defy convention.
So it was only natural she'd fall for Kit's character.

Let's see what else?
If you've read about Mount Vesuvius you already know the ending.
But this was a nice hour and a half well spent.