Another year another hunt , another demon , or vampire , or rouge were , Lily never wanted to be her lady's right arm , but to save Her mothers sanity when her anchor the lady Rose her mama was not there , she began to take it upon herself to be the enforcer , to be the hunter , the one who woke in the middle of the night leavening a warm bed and the love of her life because Lily knew this had to be done. a kiss on Kat's cheek and a mumbled apology and the girl was gone.

Lily could remember being younger ,could remember being so full of piss and vinegar that she loved these missions loved the spray of blood and the screams , but after taking revenge for a murder most foul she had lost her stomach for suffering , and when she found a note asking her to take down a rouge she was off a kiss to her mate... the woman she loved most in the world , the worried look in her kittens eyes broke her heart and the cry's of her daughter the little mut she had bought like her mother before had so many years ago made her want to stay but Mina counted on her....

the address of the rouge was found the door kicked in and home searched from ground to ceiling , and in the raftors is where she saw her , the rogue a panther so pretty it made the hunter want to give her a chance , but the panther charged and the dance was on , cuts , burses and more and in the end the beast was dead but Lily knew her time was limited , she felt her heart beat and her lifes blood dripping down the gash in her neck and to her knees she fell for the first time in her life tears spilling down her cheeks the events of her life showing on her eyes she knew she would die here alone and the last words from her mouth before the world went dark were " Forgive me ... Kat"

(( a nice clif hanger he he Lily will live on don't kill me )