I forgot to mention a few things in the previous journal and it’s been bugging me all day, so I’m just going to, well, submit it here.

When I told you how grade eight was converted into a training course in Giao Ly, I totes didn’t mention what type of training was being achieved. It was a TA training course, something I never attended. It’s useless, in my opinion, because you don’t need it to become a TA. From what I’ve heard, it’s just a bunch of kids fooling around and eating the staff food.

As a TA, I am invited to eat with the teachers, but, more often than not, I decline the offer. I don’t quite enjoy that kind of stuff. I would much prefer dining in the comfort of my own home. I grew up being jailed, and now it’s become a part of me. I try not to welcome change with open arms.

Also, I failed to mention two topics Andrew and I touched on. See, while we were talking about cooties and such, he asked me if I’d ever get married.

“No,” I answered out of habit. It’s always been my answer to marriage. Sometimes, I lose faith in that answer, but when Andrew asked me all of a sudden, “no” was my go-to response.

“Why not?”

“Because boys have cooties,” I responded. I really didn’t want to launch into the truth.

“But what if you get sick?”

Have you heard that before? Is a spouse only good for caretaking? Because that question has been directed towards me more times than I can count. Seriously, I can take care of myself. If not, so be it. My current point of view would rather be sick and self-serving than sick and a burden to another.

“I’ll take care of myself,” I told him. Then I let him in on the plan I made in my younger years. I would grow up, do well in school, have my university tuition paid by my scholarships, get an enjoyable and well-paying job and live happily ever after.

It’s an unrealistic dream, I know. But, as a kid who felt like she had nothing, you can only dream and dreaming was exactly what I did.

Then Andrew proceeded, saying things like, “Wouldn’t you be lonely?”

And, to answer your question, Andrew, yes. I would be lonely. I only realised that recently, but I couldn’t say it to you.

See, readers, I don’t like being pried open of personal information. I’m not mentally mature enough to handle other people peering into my life. Since I was already hiding a bunch of stuff from Andrew, I took the path that led to more hidden truths.

“I’ll get a cat,” I joked. At least, I tried to convey my sarcasm, but it appears he took me more seriously than I intended him to.

“What about a dog?”

“Yeah, I like dogs, too. Maybe I’ll get a dog.”

And then our conversation continued down its normal way. That’s all I wanted to say today. Sorry I didn’t get out two CS entries last month. It’s itching at my brain a bit, but I don’t feel like giving up my precious time for something that can wait a while longer.

I saw Andrew today on while leaving the parish. I was tempted to interrogate him about my previous entry’s matters, but he was surrounded by strangers and I was with my family. I don’t want my curiosity to destroy my image. Next week, or whenever we meet again, I’ll ask what I must ask. When I get any feedback, I’ll be sure to report to you, dear reader.

Welp, I oughta go attend school means now. Have a go at guessing this song’s title and artist:

Have you ever really wondered,
What do when you're lost in the black?
And you know that you won't ever find your way back,
You don't know where you could possibly be.

It’s a cool song, I think. It’s not one I sing to a lot, but there was I phase where I listened to it on repeat. Anyway, best of luck. Comment your guess below and a reward shall be granted~!

Thanks for reading this entry. It probably didn’t make sense if you didn’t read the last entry, but eh. You should go do that if you want in on what I’m blabbing about. I’m going to do a bit of ELA homework now. At least, I’ll try to. Until next time~! yum_puddi