Okay, Today is Sunday and I literally just woke up about 1-2 minutes ago. I'm out of chocolate, I got a sore tooth, and I don't see my skills going anywhere ... my biggest priority is sadly obvious if you know me ...

None of the Above, Collect some Yaoi.

... Wow, I know ... sweatdrop

Well maybe I can put Yaoi on hold today ... Yes, I can ... I'll just start shipping various things, right now the following 'ship' entered my mind, are you ready? Drum roll ... dramallama

Items x Gaians. stare

Not, not the Gaians who wear the items, its the ITEMS that are the seme here. No seriously ... The Gaians are ukes to the items. Now I should PROBABLY be hiding behind something but I won't you see, because what's going to happen? Someone will beat the masochistic insane yaoi boy? Throw ITEMS at the uke? Beat him with an ukelele?

Yes ... its nearly impossible to punish me, I could be silenced for a bit, but that is no different then putting chocolate in my mouth. Now ... I really should be heading out you see, I have plans. Hopefully anyone who reads this got a good laugh, one of my favorite things is making others laugh XD.

And when I get back I wanna add to my victims ... friends ... Ah well, see you later.

PS: I was asked "What happens when two Sempais notice each other?" My answer ...

"They start docking!" 3nodding

Yeah ... I'm finishing this.

Sincerely, Kido Hanakaze ( Aka: Stan )
PSS: ... Really ... I do need to get more chocolate, one Valentines box wasn't enough.