This week was.... umm... Well, it certainly happened... There is honestly nothing good to say about this past week, then again, nothing completely terrible. Okayish would be the best I can describe it. I've got about an hour or so before I have to go and make dinner so I figured I'd do the journal entry thing that I have been putting off pretty much all day.

So, this week my room mate heard a rumor that two people he works with would leave. He doesn't like them, so it was good news. Then the rumor was half confirmed. One of the two would leave and the second one would take the first one's place. The bad part about this was that the worse of the two was staying and she has a personal issue with my room mate. Not only that, she wasn't good at what she did before. She was down right awful. My room mate has more experience than her and he's never held the position she was given. Why would anyone promote someone who was awful at their job to a even harder to do job anyway? F*cking people are crazy. Anyway, since the witch won't be taking over immediately, my room mate will be putting his resume on the internet and hoping someone is willing to hire him. I told him since they are looking at unqualified people to run the place that he should submit his resume. If they hired him for the job he'd get a pay raise and a job that wasn't killing him. Win-win right? Hell, if he got the job he could have me hired for some low level position so I'd get experience working, and earn money of my own, and contribute to the household in some way. But all of that is wishful thinking. If he doesn't submit his resume, which I suspect he'll end up doing, then there is no chance. Even if he were to do so, there is no guarantee they'd choose him anyway. With the witch supposedly taking over he's screwed anyway, so I do hope he at least tries to give them his resume. So many times in the past he's had an opportunity to try something and he was like "I wouldn't have gotten it anyway". How does he f*cking know without trying?? stare

This week the JWs returned. The wife was here the week before last, but I didn't think the visit was note worthy. Cant really remember any of it other than the fact that she and a daughter or friend was here. This week was much more interesting as I found three questions that they couldn't answer. Like most times I can't remember much else, of the conversation, but we got onto the subject of the how other religions are wrong according to them. I mentioned that there were thousands of other branches of Christianity each either their own interpretation of the bible. Unsurprisingly, they said those groups were wrong. So I asked "why didn't god make a book that translated to whatever the reader's language was so they'd get the right interpretation?" They replied that there is an answer for that and that its in the bible and in their little booklet. I tried to get the answer out of them, but I got nothing more than that. So we moved on and the husband brought up Adam and Eve and original sin (yet again) and I asked "why didn't god just kill them and start over?" The husband admitted that god could have done that, but could not come up with more as far as answers went. He repeated that its in the bible and in the booklet and that we'd get to that eventually. We got back to the earlier question somehow and another question occurred to me: "why doesn't god just not allow people of the wrong religion to have babies?" He couldn't answer that either. The wife tried to help by bringing up free will, but he and myself didn't really let her finish. Free will doesn't effect biology, it wouldn't effect god making a magic book for people to read, and it wouldn't effect the option of killing two people and starting over, verses allowing billions, maybe trillions to live and die just because two f*cked up. Very simple questions, zero answers. We got away from the questions, and somehow we got on the subject of them not coming by that often because of the cold. They offered to come by more often, but I didn't want that so I used my writing project as an excuse. It is actually true that I am working on it, but mostly my reasoning lies with the fact I can only take so much of them. After that, they invited me to some sort of last supper holiday thing. I don't really want to go, so I'm going to have to find a way to decline. If I were to go just to get a free meal out of it, I would also have to reveal to them I'm a vegetarian. With their idea of "animals don't have souls" and "humans are supposed to rule the world and the animals on it", I don't think they'd be very understanding. My reasoning isn't along the lines PETA tends to lean toward, and it doesn't hit on the belief of animals having souls. All it really is is that I saw a video of animals being tortured when they go into be slaughtered. I had thought before watching the video that animals were put down quickly and then cut up. It may be silly to some people because "they're just animals" but I think torture whether for humans or animals is very wrong and I can't stomach eating meat now because I see that video in my head each time I think about it. I really hope that footage was old at the time and that things are not like that currently. Anyways, that's about it as far as why I'm a vegetarian.

I have been thinking on the three questions since the JW's visit and I might ask in the religion and morality forum to see if anyone else can attempt to answer them. Whatever results would be interesting no matter which way it went.

Lastly, as far as writing goes, I've been writing down world building information and trying to get as much as possible worked out before working on the main thing, but I don't consider it as part of the over all word count, so I'm still at zero. I'm also a bit stuck as to when to start F02. Before they enter the city? After they enter, but before they meet the third protagonist? And how should I go from them inside to outside? Time jump or should I write it out? Bugger... burning_eyes

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