I forgot to do this last year, but I'm going to try to keep a list of the books I read this year, to see how many I read!

1. The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo by Steig Larsson (started November 2013, finished January 2014)
2. The Drawing of the Three (Book 2 of the Dark Tower series) by Stephen King (started January 2014, finished February 2014; I read the first book, The Gunslinger, last fall)
3. The Waste Lands (Dark Tower series, Book 3) by Stephen King (started February 2014; finished 3-24-14)
4. The No. 1 Ladies' Detective Agency by Alexander McCall Smith (started and finished in March 2014)

Currently reading: Wizard and Glass (Dark Tower series, Book 4) by Stephen King (started 3-25-14)