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Shoddy Patches
Collin Reynolds
User Image

xxG e n e r a lxxxI n f o r m a t i o n xxxxxxxxxx
A l l xxO u t xxI n xxT h e xxO p e n

» »xxf u l lxxn a m e xxxxxxxxx
                        ■■ Collin Owen Reynolds

» »xxn i c k n a m e s xxxxxxxxx
                        ■■ None

» »xxa l i a s xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
                        ■■ Sentry

» »xxs e x xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
                        ■■ Male

» »xxa g e xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
                        ■■ Nineteen

» »xxa f f i l i a t i o n xxxxxxxxx
                        ■■ Green Team

xxP h y s i c a lxxxC h a r a c t e r i s t i c s xxxxxxxxxx
M i r r o r, xxM i r r o r xxO n xxT h e xxW a l l

» »xxe y exxc o l o r xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
                        ■■ Blue

» »xxh a i rxxc o l o r / s t y l e xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
                        ■■ Brown

» »xxh e i g h t xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
                        ■■ 5ft 10in

» »xxw e i g h t xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
                        ■■ 150 lbs

» »xxs k i n t o n e xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
                        ■■ Sun-kissed

» »xxd i s t i n g u i s h i n gxxm a r k s xxxxxxxxx
                        ■■ n/a
                        ■■ n/a

xxP e r s o n axxxA n a l y s i s xxxxxxxxxx
B e h i n d xxT h e xxM a s k

» »xxp e r s o n a l i t y xxxxxxxxx
                        ■■ Impetuous; Collin is usually one to act before he thinks. This is the most common reason for him getting into trouble, or winding up in sticky spots that he wouldn't have landed in, had he contemplated the consequences of his actions. The old adage "Look before you leap" hasn't made it through to him yet.
                        ■■ Ambitious; When he decides he wants something, Collin is a go-getter; he'll go after it, regardless of the people he steps on to get there. Sometimes people mistake this for callousness, but it is not intentional. It is uncommon for him not to be apathetic about things, so if it sparks his interest, he's on it.
                        ■■ Facetious; When among friends, Collin is often like his father - always in search of a joke somewhere - especially in times of stress. He's often clever and has a love for puns. He's charismatic in these situations, and likely appears as a flirt, even if he doesn't mean for it to come off that way.

xxL i f e t i m exxxM o v i e xxxxxxxxxx
U n d e r n e a t h xxI t xxA l l

» »xxb i o g r a p h y xxxxxxxxx
                        ■■Robert Reynolds was not a fatherly type; too many memories - false or otherwise - had left him a broken man. After the death of his wife, Lindy, he became a solitary man, confused, psychologically unstable. But even the most emotionally unavailable men get lonely, which explained the presence of Maya Lopez in his arms one cold night. Their fling snuffed out nearly as quickly as it ignited, and soon after Bob went rogue - becoming an enemy to those people he'd once called friends. Maya trucked along, keeping her pregnancy a secret as she continued to work with the Avengers. Six months after, she made an alliance with Moon Knight, and consoled in him about the baby. They fought against the Kingpin together, though Echo paid the ultimate price when she duked it out against Count Nefaria. Marc rushed her near-lifeless body to the hospital, knowing that it was the baby's only chance. Miraculously, the baby survived. Marc debated on raising the child himself, but with so many enemies afoot, Count Nefaria still a threat and his conflicting personalities... he left the child in the hands of the hospital, believing Collin to be safer there.

                        Soon, the child was adopted into a loving family and things went well for the first ten years of his life. Collin made friends easily in school, had an aptitude for the books, and absolutely loved playing sports with his dad. Life went without a hitch until his powers emerged. One day, he sneezed while eating dinner and shrank by three feet. Suddenly afraid of what their child had become, the Millers sent him back, trying to register him as a mutant. The Academy of Tomorrow intervened, and Collin left his adoptive family to live with mutants like him. Since their daring rescue, the boy became a ward of the school, having no family to call his own. Eventually, he did learn what happened to his real parents, and chose to take the last name of the man who his father had once been: Reynolds.

                        With the help of the professors at the academy, Collin learned well how to control his mutation, what being a mutant could mean for him (other than segregation, prejudice and outright detestation by the general public); it meant that one day, he too could be a hero. At nineteen now, he believes he's on his way.

» »xxf a m i l y xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
                        ■■ Maya Lopez - mother, deceased
                        ■■ Robert Reynolds - father

xxA b i l i t yxxxI n f o r m a t i o n xxxxxxxxxx
N o t xxJ u s t xxA xxH i d d e n xxP o t e n t i a l

» »xxa b i l i t i e s xxxxxxxxx
                        ■■ Ability: Molecular Speed Manipulation - Acceleration/Deceleration/Immobilization He can speed up molecules in an object to the point of combustion, slow them down to slow the whole object, or immobilize them completely, effectively "freezing/paralyzing" something in place temporarily.
                        ■■ Molecular Oscillation Collin can dissolve himself into a molecular cloud. In this state, he can travel at a high velocity in the air. This state also makes him intangible and phase through objects
                        ■■ Molecular Regeneration He can repair himself at the molecular level, easily fixing injuries or illnesses. He does not know how to do this to others, and it is often wondered if he will learn in the future.

                        ■■ Organic molecular manipulation Collin can change his density or size with this, his strength and speed are affected in a direct ratio to his original height and weight. If he makes himself twice as big, he will be twice as strong. But the same is true of the opposite. This also means he can change his appearance at will.

                        ■■ Molecular Dispersion Collin can destroy things at a molecular level, disintegrating them.

xxU s e rxxxI n f o r m a t i o n xxxxxxxxxx
P u p p e t xxO nxxS t r i n g s

» »xxu s e r n a m e xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
                        ■■ In Stitchez

» »xxp o r t r a y e dxxb y xxxxxxxxx
                        ■■ Matt Lanter

In Stitchez
Community Member
In Stitchez
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