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Cygnus_Pisces' Journal
Where I write down some random things...
Call me old-fashined, but...
I prefer material things over watching or reading online. I agree, an e-book or a laptop might be easier to bring along on trips compare to books, a DVDplayer and DVDs, as they might take a lot of space and cost a lot money. But to me, that's totally worth it in the long run.
Now, if any of you like e-books and streaming, that's cool. I don't critizice anyone who does that, so please don't critizice me for prefering being old-fashioned.
Keep in mind that I do read mangas and watch shows/movies on the net, but that's for 2 reasons: 1) to see if they are any good before buying (that have saved me money a few times), or 2) they aren't avaliable on DVD or in book-form where I live

Why I prefer DVDs:
* I can whenever I want just press a button to change the audio between original and dub. I sometimes does this if I want to hear how some scenes sounds in the other language. On the net, you have to load a new video to do so.
* Sometimes while I'm watching something online, the quality gets all blurry (and if there are subs, I can't read them).
* Another things that happens a lot is that you must paus the video so that it can load some more. Sometimes the loading just stop (with the message 'an error occured', forcing me to reload the page). And if it's on pause for too long, the sound might take a while to stabilize (might be because of bad connection)
* No more 'this video isn't avaliable in your country'-messages (been a while I seen one of these though)
* You still have the DVDs if a site suddenly takes the show down or shuts down, or if your computer would suddenly crash and the files are lost. I dunno about others, but that have happened more than once to me.
* If it's a show/movie that my mom also likes, then a DVD is a much better choice.
* When watching DVDs, I can also focus on checking Facebook, Skype or writing posts on Gaia (instead of pausing a video and open a new tab)
* A TV-screen are several times bigger than a laptop-screen, making it less straining for the eyes

Why I prefer books: It's annoying to scroll up and down while reading a manga, and you must wait for the next page have loaded (if your internet-connection is slow at the moment). And in some cases, the translator writes explanations that you must either tilt the head or save the image and flip it in order to read.

The same goes for videogames, where I prefer retails over downloaded. Reasons are the same as above, plus that it takes less space on the game-console/memory-card. I think you can add CDs here as well.

Well, that was what I wanted to say.

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