I was around, eighteen...and we had gotten the family Pit Bull right at a year prior.

He was stopped up (Constipated) and i could not figure out why. The next day, he went out to use the restroom, and i saw him pass a half of a squeaky toy, with the fuzz intact, then out came the other half and the squeaker.

A few minutes later, i hear him yelping, and i decide to go check on him, and unknowingly, i see another squeaky toy trying to come out, this one was whole, well thinking i would be the good Samaritan, i decide to grab hold of the toy, and as it was coming out, and i grabbed hold of it, the damn thing squeaked. The shock of this nearly made me faint...when it squeaked, i began to gag, heave, and vomit. the dog begins to whine and pull away, well. My mother was laughing at me, and once the toy passed, my dog was fine, but everytime i saw him eating or chewing a toy if it was soft/easily destructible, i use to have a conniption.

This was merely one of my experiences that has made me laugh, and still to this day has made my stomach cringe.