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Name: Akemi
Bending: Fire
Age: 18
Profession: Waitress
Dream: To become a professional dancer
Species: Human

Physical Characteristics

Height: 5' 7"
Weight: 130 lbs
Hair: long black wavy hair
Eyes: Red
Skin: Very pale
Features: She's rather skinny, maybe even considered lanky, however her legs are rather stronger and maybe a little thicker thanks to her dancing. Her bust is maybe a little lacking, maybe in the B area according to bras, again, thanks to her dancing.

Background: Akemi had always loved dancing since she was a girl, it wasn't until she reached 5th grade in her school though that she learned more about it. At the time she was simply dancing as silly as a child could, but when she went to school one day they studied the old dances and bending moves of ancient firebenders. It piqued her interest of course, causing her to go to the libraries and search for any books on such moves. The school only skimmed the top of the subject, leaving her curiosity to do the rest.

Her parents, while they enjoyed watching their daughter dance and use it as a way to keep her stress at bay, didn't like that she wanted to make a career of it. Like any worrying parent, they thought it was a hobby with no future, and advised her to try and look into something different, dancing wasn't a safe job.

As the years passed on, Akemi moved into her own apartment, allowing herself maximum room to practice dancing. Yes, as it turned out dancing wasn't an easy job, but she got a job as a waitress and tried her best from there on.

Personality: Akemi isn't particularly interested in becoming better with her firebending, but she loves learning the new moves and incorporating them into her dances.She's not much of a fighter, but knows some basic defense, and tends to use her legs, knowing that was where her muscles rest. She's a nice, ambitious person who can get very fired up, especially over dancing, but can get excited over small things.