Inu Role Play World Setting

Okay, in the RP's world, there are three types of Inu's. Small (Basicly a loli type), Medium (About a young teen), and a large (Adult looking).
Also, every type of Inu is different depending on its breeding. For example, If its bloodline was breed towards beauty and looks, then the pet wont be as smart as a Inu that's bloodline was breed towards intellect. It's all about proper breeding when it comes to Inu's. Some Inu's are worth millions, and some are worth a few hundred bucks, it just depends on the breeding.
In this world, their are laws to protect Inu's. Example; when they go into heat, its a medical condtion that has to be taken care of (We'll talk more about this in the RP).

Inu's are not hard to come by, most of them are just mutts. But even still, its still not common to see one. Even rarer to see one that has proper breeding towards certain traits.