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Character Development
Substories and character development for my OCs will go here. Most of the characters are from roleplays on this site and the ideas for their worlds are the property of the rp owners, just like the characters themselves are mine.
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After turning in her test, Tsuna walked as silently back to her seat as possible. By the looks of things, most other kids had already turned theirs in and were quietly working on other things or passing each other notes. She had been at school for sixth months already, yet the teen didn't understand much of what went on there. Her roommate wasn't much help either. She was by far one of the most studious people Tsuna had met the school, which helped as far as grades were concerned, but knew nothing of the school's social aspect.

This lack of familiarity led to Tsuna remaining rather withdrawn compared to the rest of the school. She tried to interact occasionally, but it was obvious that she wasn't sure just where she stood in the order of things. The number of people she could call friends was in the single digits, and even that was a stretch to categorize them as such. Most everyone that she talked to was truly just an acquaintance. She knew of them, she knew about them and they could make small talk, but that was about it.

It was all still very odd to her, figuring out just how other people her age interacted. At the Tea Shop (read: brothel) it was all very clear cut. There were customers, thee were servers and there was the manager. The servers made sure the customer's needs were met and the manager made lots of money with which he "took care" of the servers. It was a hard life, but at least it was defined. Here at the school, everyone's roles were far less defined and outside of the classroom, they seemed to constantly change. The prominent gangs also threw in extra complexity to the equation, and Tsuna almost had to try to avoid them as she attempted to catch on. And she didn't even want to think about trying to differentiate boys at the school from customers back home.

At home, it was assumed that every male who walked through the doors who was not an employee was a customer. Downstairs that meant tea, upstairs...well... At school, this couldn't be assumed. No one approached her and she was only responsible for taking care of herself. Honestly, so far, most boys had almost ignored her, only glancing in her direction. There was one boy, however, in her literature class who seemed determined to break the pattern.

Shinu was the type of boy girls tried to avoid, the one their father's warned them about. He seemed to have only two things on his mind throughout the day, fights and panties, and anything else that happened to slip in was bonus material. Tsuna didn't particularly know this about him at the time, though she was acutely aware that every time she walked past him, his eyes locked onto her rear end. A few times, she thought about confronting him about it, but decided she had too many other things to worry about. Besides, it wasn't like she'd never had people staring at her butt before.

He seemed determined to make himself noticed however, and had upped the anti. Whenever they had group projects, Shin made it a point to be in her group, and she doubted it was because of her middle-range B in the class. In recent weeks he even started talking to her outside of class. She tried to ignore his comments for the most part, only replying when absolutely necessary. A few days ago, she'd made the mistake of actually returning his frequent quips with one of her own. She wasn't mean with it, but wanted to point out that she wasn't quite as delicate as people might think she was.

Offhandedly, she glanced in his direction. It wasn't like she meant to think about him, but she didn't particularly want to sit and stare at her desk for the remaining ten minutes either. Apparently he'd been watching her again, however, and winked. She rolled her eyes again, but smiled lightly. Oddly enough, he was one of the few people that could actually coax one out from her. It wasn't a romantic smile, but it reflected genuine amusement and that from her was rare enough. He would probably mention it when the bell rang, even if she spent the rest of her time looking anywhere but at him.

And sure enough, after class, the white-haired male ran to catch up with her.

"So what'd you think of that test?"

She shrugged. "It was fine, I guess. You?"

He replied with a similar motion and almost identical words.

"Not to seem rude, but you don't get out much do you?"

The question though abrupt, did little to fluster Tsuna. She barely had to think before replying with complete honesty.

"Not particularly, I don't get a lot of invites to."

He seemed surprised by this, his eyebrows shooting up slightly, but he played it off well and she pretended not to notice to humor his ego. Men liked it when a girl did that.

"Hmm, just what I thought, you have acute hermititis."


This time her eyebrows rose slightly, reflecting the questioning doubt in her voice. He remained totally calm and continued on as though he was totally serious.

"Yup, it happens when someone stays cooped up in in one place for too many nights in a row, especially with company as dull as Kimi."

"Really? And how is hermitis cured? Can it be cured?"

Though she could tell he was just pulling her leg, Tsuna continued to play along, her voice reflecting a sort of bored amusement.

"Oh it's quite easy really," His voice elevated slightly, showing his enthusiasm for the idea. "You just need to spend more time outside of your dorm. Like here - "

He pulled out a piece of notebook paper with his room number written on it.

"We can hang out tonight, we'll go somewhere after diner and you can come to my room for a while."

Out of sheer admiration for his creativity, Tsuna accepted the slip. She knew where this was going, anyone with half a brain could tell what he wanted. But who was she to crush his ego after all of that hard work? Besides it would be nice to get out and see other people for once. And if he wanted to play these kinds of games, then he had to be prepared for a second player. Tsuna would get just as much out of the charade as he.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Two weeks later and she was spending her Friday night hanging out with Shin. That fist week they had hung out Monday, Wednesday and Friday night and Tsuna had somehow let Shin coax her into making it a weekly thing to hang out those days. "For your Hermitis." He had said. She'd laughed and replied with a, "Sure, whatever," before walking out the door and up a flight of stairs to her own room. Now, she was kind of glad that she had. Shin and his roommate were interesting people, and it was easy to coax answers out of them - especially if they were playing video games. His roommate would just sit there with his eyes glued to the screen while she pestered him with questions. Half the time she didn't think he even remembered talking to her afterward, when Shin came back with candy or some other sweet snack.

Sweets were Shin's real weakness, she had discovered. He would do anything for a chocolate bar or box of pocky. Wednesday, she had brought a box to share since they were hanging out on the Library roof with some other of his friends (all members of Chikyu, she later learned) and he was indignant that she had never heard of the pocky game before. He made two sophomores, who were apparently dating, demonstrate, followed by a cheeky offer for her to try which she denied.

Most of their time hanging out was like that. Shin could relate even the most innocent of discussions back to something sensual. Most people just rolled their eyes or hit him, but Tsuna didn't really mind, she was used to that sort of thing. Heck, that sort of thing was her home life. It was quite amusing to sit and watch the light bulbs go off in their heads one-by-one if the reference was more subtle than just "panties."

Tonight it was just the two of them in his dorm. His roommate had left about an hour after she arrived due to a text, apparently on some type of "business" to attend to that Shin scoffed at and made a suggestive hand gesture. He thought she hadn't seen it, but even if that had been true, the look on his roommate's face would have been enough for Tsuna to guess what had happened. So tonight was movie night. Shin made popcorn for her while he had several boxes of candy on the table beside him.

It was the perfect set up, really, if she didn't know what was happening. The movie was not particularly romantic, but she guessed that it didn't receive it's rating on language alone; the couch was small enough that they would have to sit directly beside each other in order to see the tv; both of them had previously admitted to preferring to watch movies in the dark; and now, they were alone.

About halfway through the movie, she felt his hand rest gently across her shoulders as she reached over to steal a few pieces of candy from the box in his lap. It was a subtle gesture, naturally done to allow her easier access to the candy, but she knew it's double meaning. The movie was a good choice too, with intense scenes just before the intense scenes. Just the type of thing that would make a squeamish girl curl into the reassuring grip of the boy sitting next to her, maybe even bury her gaze into his shoulder. By the time the conflict was resolved, they were making out.

The movie couple joined them and she began unbuttoning his shirt, Shin's hands moving from her a** to the top of her skirt, slowly following suit, but not bothering to untuck the fabric from her skirt. She smiled at his reaction to what he saw once her shirt lay open. Due to the situation at home, she had never really owned "normal" bras or underwear since she hit puberty. Needless to say, she didn't think Shin had been expecting periwinkle lace and black satin underneath her uniform. From there on out, she let him take lead.

Afterward, when she left to go up to her room, Shin seemed a lot more awkward. Or rather, like he was expecting her feel awkward. He offered to let her stay there, or to walk to her room and finally asked,

"Are you okay? I mean, that wasn't -"

"My first time? Oh gods, no."

She laughed, causing him to both relax and scrunch his face up in confusion.

"Wait, what? But I thought you said you never go out, even at home."

This brought another laugh to Tsuna's lips, this one much more dry and cynical. It mocked the irony of his statement more than any words she could say would.

"Shin, my 'home' isn't the type of place you leave to have sex."

She let that sink in for a moment before kissing him on the cheek and slipping quietly out the door. It was curious how different things were in highschool compared to the Tea Shop. Tsuna learned in later weeks that Shin had been attracted to her because she gave off a "sweet girl" vibe, mistaken her reservation for shyness. The following Monday, they were given new seats in literature and he ended up right behind her. While they were watching a short movie, he leaned forward and whispered in as undignified of a tone as possible.

"Do you mean I could have just asked you to have sex and you would have agreed?"

Though the teacher hadn't heard exactly what Shin had said, she had clearly heard him say it and silenced any further vocal communication with threats of detention. About a minute later, Tsuna slipped him a note that simply read.

"Yes, and it probably would have been better, too."

For the rest of class, she sat there with a smug little amused expression on her face as they worked on transcribing a three-page poem. Behind her, Shin scribbled furiously away on his paper, his movements quite agitated in comparison.

F a l l o n SF_-
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