Exchanging Log

This is where I will keep my exchanging progress. to be specific, I will have set goals of Gold that I will try to reach during a certain period of time, by buying low in The Exchange and selling high in The Marketplace.

Current Quest

121,OOO,OOO/1,OOO,OOO,OOO by 3/21/14


Recent Buys' & Profits

Bought x2 Splitting Doll Hairs (3 Pack) for 75,OOO,OOO Each.
Sold x2 for 85,75O,OOO Each. (-2% Tax).
Bought x1 Splitting Doll Hairs (Single) for 85,OOO,OOO.
Sold x1 for 89,OOO,OOO.
Bought x1 Underworld Descent (9 Pack) for 51,OOO,OOO.
Sold x1 for 6O,OOO,OOO.
Bought x2 Splitting Doll Hairs (Singles) for 24,5OO,OOO Each.
Sold x2 for 27,5OO,OOO Each.
Made a profit of 40,OOO,OOO.