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The things that flew out of my head...

White Rider Pestilence
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Charity's infos
http://gyazo.com/bb3351132e9974a5e91f6320827afa4c her joints are pretty similar to her's. She does, however... have very realistic "lady parts" if that is what you are asking about. But, they are very soft in color.. unnaturally light and peachy. She is soft to the touch and tiny bit squishy, as if she has fake skin padding on the outside... but, she is mostly firm. She was created to be his replacement wife.. So, he put a lot of detail work into her. She is hollow on the inside though, with a power core that keeps her alive and animated. Her body is enchanted with mobility, which is why her face moves in a lifelike way.
On her back... there is a gorgeous painting of some scenery with her mother and father in it. And underneath, in painted gold lettering is "The Human Painting".

Charity: /sitting on her bed, using pillows to prop herself up/ /she would have cut off her previous bandages, she has been wearing them for awhile now../ /so, it would be best if she put on some fresh ones after she finished restringing herself/ /this is something she has had to do a lot.../ /even if it is difficult to do alone/ /for most of her life, her father did this for her.../ /it wasn't until she was on her own, that she realized how difficult this task truly was/ /and if she happened to become "too loose" before she was able to restring herself... she could possibly be unable to do so, which makes this a stressful job.../ /if her strings are loosened, she falls more/ /there are already several cracks in her body/ /they are nothing too serious... but, they are building blocks for more noticeable damage/ ...! /takes in a sharp breath of air, wincing as she does so/ /was poking at the crack in her arm/ /this one was formed today, when she fell not too long ago/ /it hurts her a lot more when she presses on it, because it puts pressure on the crack/ /takes a deep breath, calming herself down a bit/ It's... No that bad.. Right? /bites her bottom lip, appears as if she is crying.../ /but, there are no tears/ /she is not capable of forming them, for she does not possess tear ducts/ /it feels the same though, even without the wetness/ I'm fine... /takes another deep breath/ Now... /reaches behind her neck, undoing a bow made out of a thick elastic cord/ /moves up onto the bed a little farther, using the hand attached to the arm that was recently cracked to move herself/ /she knew it would be painful, but there is no other way.../ /even so.. she had no idea the pain would be as bad as it was/ /she then quickly pulls that arm back, towards herself/ /this causes her to tumble off the side bed and onto the floor/ /immediately lets out a very loud, high-pitched scream in pain/ /she has landed on the arm that pains her, cracking it further/ /her hips are now dislocated from her torso, laying on the floor about a foot or two away from her/ /her legs are laying limp, still just barely attached to the hip section of her body/ /her body is held together by series of strings, the one she pulled was the one that kept her bottom half attached/ /though, she is in so much pain, she hardly realizes that her bottom half is gone/ /her eyes are closed shut/ /she is afraid her arm had shattered, so she can't even allow herself to look/ /the pain is mind numbing, but the panic is even worse/ /makes a bit of noise, but it comes out as nothing more audible than a few whimpers/ /her arm, even if it pains her this much, is not completely shattered/ /but, the small crack that was in it before is now more than halfway through her forearm section and a small chunk of it is missing/ /the fall and scream were very loud and would probably draw attention if her current feelings did not/

Amable: /had been setting up the dining table/ /to make it look decent and presentable/ /had placed a cake in the center, and near the cake is a decently large present box tied off with a ribbon/ /the cake was made in some bakery, and thus would look so/ /there had been some mess to the cake when he took it out, but he had remedied this/ /there are two more cakes stored in the kitchen now, he thought to bring her extra because she loves sweets/ /he would be currently sitting at the table now/ /it is better than standing with the "low" ceiling/ /he is trying not to become impatient about the time taken, yet he can't help but feel some impatience/ /his posture is rigid sitting in the chair/ /it would be the same chair he usually would use when he comes to visit/ /at the table../ /he is more or less staring off into space, watching in the direction of Charity's room/ /his attention drawn there, as it is the closest human emotion to him right now/ /and would be the most concerning one, even if others were near/ ..... /when he hears Charity screaming, he immediately jumps up from the table/ /smacking his head on the ceiling again/ Aurgh! /letting out an angry yell at the pain and annoyance/ /he had already been feeling a lot of worry, the added sound of Charity crying out from something that did not sound good had only aided in his current state/ /he brings his fist down on the table from his own anger, with a loud sound/ /only jolting the table and tilting the cake/ /doesn't think twice about doing this/ /merely takes a deep breath in attempt to calm himself a little/ /at least calm his own anger at himself for having to hit his head/ /that feeling is useless to him right now/ /if only he didn't have his temper/ /nothing can be done../ /takes as many quick strides to Charity's room as needed/ /careful of the ceiling as he walks/ Charity!? /his voice loud and full of concern/ /his body feels the weight of her emotions, they're mixing into his own/ /which would have just been worried, now he's feeling worried and somewhat distressed/ Charity?! Are you alright in there? /his hand making a single knock on the door/ /the door../ Do you need help!? /the tone or volume not changing in his voice/ /but he does not sound like a madman, his voice only raised and mixed with emotion/ Charity? /puts his hand on the doorknob, even if she has yet to answer him/ /makes an attempt to turn the knob/ ... /It's locked../ /this just fuels the same anger that he felt when he had hit his head on the ceiling less than a minute or so ago/

Charity: /Charity is still laying in the floor in the same position she landed in/ /unable to open her eyes yet, because she still cringing from the pain/ /Amable's voice was heard, but she can't bring herself to speak at this time/ /she wants to answer him and tell him that she is fine.../ /to make sure he doesn't try to help her../ /but, this task would be nearly impossible for her right now/ /moves her uninjured arm to hold her cracked one close to her chest, hoping to calm the pain/ /but, this only makes it worse/ /lets out a cry in pain, trembling violently/ /she sounds as if she is sobbing/ /any movement only makes her pain harder for her to endure/ ...! /grits her teeth, hoping this ends soon/ /she doesn't want Amable to worry about her/ /or, even worse, for him to find a way in to her room while she is like this../ /tightens her body, pressing her cracked arm against her chest/ /though, even with her top half shaking all over... the bottom half that became unattached in the fall sits motionlessly on the ground/ /it is no longer filled with magic by her power source, so until she reattaches it, it will remain still and lifeless/ /looks towards the door with all the strength she has left, staring at it/ A-Amable..? /her voice is quiet, too quiet to be heard/ /please, please.../ /if I am granted any requests in my lifetime.../ /prevent him from seeing me like this/ /even if I can't ever see him again.../ /even if I slowly rot away here.../ /I don't want him to see me like this.../ /I don't want him to hate me../

Amable: /listens for some sort of.. positive response from Charity/ /but nothing is giving him this/ /it only makes it worse/ /all of these of these feelings/ /Why did she have to go and lock the door?!?/ Char-- /hearing another sound, of her voice/ /not liking anything he is feeling/ /none of this feels okay/ I'm going to come in. /his tone somewhat calmer, and not as loud, but he could still be heard/ /turns to his left side/ /the look in his eyes is worry with some hint of anger/ /pulls back his right arm/ /swinging it seconds later, with his hand in a fist/ /into the door itself/ /a loud sound comes from the impact/ /he did in no way hold back from putting his hand through it/ /the sound heard was of the wood creaking, and the door splitting/ /it split into two pieces/ /he had hit it closer to where the doorknob was/ /the larger piece of the door would now be held in place by crooked hinges/ /pieces of splintered wood scatter on the floor/ /while the other, not as large piece of the door is now standing but bent inwards of the room, as it is stuck there from it being locked/ /breaking the door was a useful release to his feelings, if only a small portion of them/ Charity?! /taking a step into the room/ /the arm he used to break the door is now at his side/ Are you alrig.. /his gaze stops noticing a body on the floor/ ... /is that a body? it doesn't look right../ /feeling some confusion now/ /had not expected to find.. a.. what is it?/ /something tells him he has seen something like this before, but he was expecting to find../ ...What happened? /his mind taking about a moment to realize that this disembodied corpse, or what ever it had looked like to him when he had came in the room, was in fact Charity/ /even if he can see her face now/ /he had not exactly noticed at first/ /however the emotions he is getting are in fact coming from the body, they are still Charity's/ /his voice sounds very worried when he speaks/ /not entirely certain, but the body seems to be like some sort of.. puppet's/ /not going to take another step just yet/

Charity: /her eyes widen when the door is broken down, she is now staring up at Amable's face/ /the small woman appears terrified/ /though, this is not because he punched down the door/ /this is because he can see her right now.../ /without her bandages/ /he can see the joints and cords../ /everything/ /there is no escape now.../ /he knows that she was hiding this from him/ /the fact that she is merely a failed attempt at a human being/ D-don't.. Don't look at me.. Please. Please, avert your eyes... I-- I am.. /her voice makes her sound like she is begging him to look away/ /frantically moves to cover her shoulder joints somehow, but it is a failed, and painful, attempt/ /whimpers a bit as she moves her injured arm/ /it seems like it is very uncomfortable for her to do this/ Please.. Go away! I.. I don't want you to hate me... Or attack me.. I.. Please... I promise I will do something about this.. /her shaking has intensified ever since he broke down the door/ Please try to forget what you have seen. /tries to tuck her head down against her hands, but she ends up rolling over onto her chest/ /her cracked arm is now under her, causing her a tremendous amount of pain/ /yelps, quickly trying to take her weight off of her arm/ /but, this is hard to do in her position/ ...!!

Amable: /listens to her, waiting for her stop speaking/ /the added distressed feelings she is having is not having a very pleasant effect on him/ /beginning to get a little tense, as some sort of anger is manifesting itself within him/ Chari--/there is some edge when he speaks, from that feeling/ ... /puts a hand to the side of his forehead/ /That would really help../ /he is silent for a moment or so, not moving from the doorway/ /he has no intention of leaving, not while she is need of help/ /as he is quiet he attempts to calm himself, as well as block out anyone's emotions/ /to keep her feelings out of his own/ /that would only make it worse, if he is trying to help/ /he had not noticed that his expression had some of his previous feelings, but now he seems more calm, as he can no longer feel the fuel he had been/ /but he knows it's there/ /as well as his own worry remaining/ /any influence he would have had emitting from himself have now stopped/ /once he has done so, he moves his hand back to his side, still feeling some slightness of the irritation/ You look like you could use some help. /looking at her face now, he hadn't really been looking anywhere a moment ago/ /at least she isn't bleeding../ Unless what you're saying this has to do with a woman's dignity, I really don't think it matters, I am not going to just walk away. /his brow knitting with concern/ You could use a hand, forgive me if I'm wrong, but it does not seem like you're going to be getting up very easily.

Charity: L--..!! /she then screams instead of finishing the word she started/ /struggling to roll herself into a better position/ /trying anything she can to take the pressure off her broken arm/ /her body would still continue to writhe against the floor in pain, her weight pressing hard against her cracked limb/ /this is causing her horrific pain and she is unable to stop it/ /takes repeated sharp, panicked breaths/ /feeling as if she might die here/ /she has never felt pain this bad before/ ...!! /swallows dryly, choking soon after/ /coughs for a few seconds before talking another sharp breath/ /feels her vision blurring, closing her eyes tightly in response/ /sobs, letting out a pained noise/ /at this point, she needs help/ /she desperately wants to be lifted off of her arm/ /but the pain has left her unable to speak/ /unable to let out anything but sobs and whimpers/ /waits on the ground, wondering if he will continue to talk or come closer and help her/ /he seems to know I need help, but he has yet to act.../

Amable: /cringes from the sound of her scream/ /there is a raise in his own worry/ /if he had not been distracted by the feelings of his own anger, he may have perhaps done something more than just speak to her/ /quickly moves beside her, closing any distance, kneeling down beside her/ /it is off putting to see her body like this, as it really isn't natural/ /but this isn't what matters right now/ /what matters is lessening her pain/ /if one could see the look in his eyes right now, they could see that is very worried/ /worried about a lot.. all concerning Charity/ /it could be easily seen on his face, how he feels right now/ /he does not hide his emotions/ /part of his mind is telling him to get to the bed, but then another part is telling him not to move her from this spot on the floor because her legs are.../ /carefully tries to move her off her arm, and laying down on her back, letting her lay down this way/ /being careful of the cracked arm/ /hoping that the pain can be eased/ /at least a little../ /it doesn't exactly bother him that she is a doll, however it is rather strange to find../ ..Does this feel any better? /after getting her off her arm/ /hoping it does help her/ /would like to ask if she would rather be on a more comfortable surface, though he remains uncertain if this is a good idea right now/

Charity: /Charity's pain had caused her to close her eyes earlier/ /her ears would tune out most of the sounds within the room as well, allowing her to focus on the suffering that has attached itself to her/ ... Hah.. /her body has become tense all over, and the pain is only growing as her arm threatens to crumble underneath her weight/ /flinches noticeably when Amable puts his hand(s) on her, moving her over, off of her arm/ /her eyes shoot open at the sudden decrease in pain/ /glances around the room for a moment, trying to avoid looking at Amable while she does this/ /she doesn't appear to be very happy at this time, though, she is grateful that he was here/ ... /takes a deep breath, closing her eyes again after she does so/ /takes a few more lungfuls of air, seeming relieved/ /if she could sweat, she would probably be rather damp by now/ Mmn.. /opens her eyes again, slowly/ /weakly holds her broken arm up, watching a few pieces of resin fall off of it as it lightly trembles with the rest of her body/ ... /lays her arm back down gently, unable to express the sadness she feels/ /this body was created by her father, she has never met another doll maker who was as good at his work as him/ /how would she ever get this replaced?/ /how would she continue to work with a broken arm?/ /it pained her just to hold it up a second ago.../ /carrying around a tray with cakes on it would be impossible for her now/ /even restringing herself is something she can no longer do/ /and to make it worse.. there is now someone who knows what she is/ /someone she was hoping to keep it a secret from forever/ /looks at Amable when he speaks, an overwhelming wave of sadness changing her expression to reflect a small fragment of what she is currently feeling/ Y-yes... Thank you. /her voice sounds tired and hoarse, it is evident that she is exhausted from this whole situation/ /looks away, feeling a bit strange that she is without her bandages around someone other than her father/ /feels "naked"/ /but, not the human sense.../ I am s-sure... That you are thoroughly disgusted by now, at my body... /appears as if she could burst into tears at any moment/ /but, if one knew her body's limits, they would know that this is as far as she can get with crying/ /since, she cannot produce tears/ I apologize that you have to see me at a time like this... This is something... That I hoped would never happen. /looking away from him, hoping he doesn't leave now that she is no longer in severe pain/ /the things her father told her about the people who live in this world still scare her/ /she desperately wants to believe that Amable would be different, but she is unable to escape from her father's warnings and the anxieties they cause her/

Amable: /waits for Charity to answer/ /observing her actions/ /it would be great if she was alright, but she really does not look to be.../ /because she isn't human, he does not know entirely what he should be doing here/ /there was never any need for him to know about dolls like this, let alone anything about them coming to life/ /not that bothers him/ /what does bother him is that she seem to be in pain, and very upset/ /he can't imagine how something like that could hurt, but it is clear this does cause her pain/ /it might be easier if she were a little calmer/ /yet that--/ .... /I don't usually want to do this, not to her, but it might help her/ /even though he himself is not calm at all, he is still worried and the like, he could manipulate some calm into her/ /it would be useful if he was in a calmer feeling, but he is not/ /calm isn't necessarily his forte.../ /perhaps he won't, it may not be necessary.. hopefully/ Is that it? /hearing the reason why she had hid her skin/ /a tone of surprise when speaks/ /that hadn't been what he had expected, but perhaps it may make sense in her case? he would not know/ It is never a good idea to assume how someone is feeling.. It could create things that don't need to be there. /even as he speaks, he is still worried/ /How to put her back together?/ Things would be better off if people were more open with their own feelings, and didn't make any kind assumptions. Though I do believe that it is apart of human nature to be this way.. I have never had to assume how someone was feeling because I have the unfortunate luxury of knowing what people around me are feeling. /his use of the word "unfortunate" relates to how this had driven him insane, but she would not know that/ /whether she will ever know is unclear/ You seem to be very human to me, even if you are apparently not. I find this different.. and strange. I'm used to things bleeding.. You're still Charity.. /inhaling deeply/ /pauses what he is saying/ /feeling, for the moment, he has said enough of what is off topic from his own train of thoughts/ /how to put her back together../ ... /he may wait a moment before bringing that up/

Charity: /looks back at him when he speaks, taking the time to listen to him for a bit before saying something/ /she is still in pain, but it isn't as bad as it had been/ /it feels nice to lay here like this after the horrific feeling that surged through her body just a few minutes ago/ /she would seem a bit uncomfortable being naked, but there isn't much she can do about it at this time/ Y-you aren't filled with strange desires... or disgust? /she seems surprised at his words/ /predicting an outcome like this would have been impossible for her/ /she had been told so many things, so many terrifying things.../ /something like this never seemed possible to her/ Are you sure that you don't want to leave..? Or attack me? Or sell me for a fortune? /her voice sounds not only surprised, but a bit panicked/ /I'm sure that you could guess that I am worth a lot of money.../ /my father said that would happen to anyone who saw me.../ /maybe.. he was wrong?/ /maybe it only happens to some people?/ /if that is true... I.../ /covers her face with her lightly trembling hands/ I was so scared... I... /sounds as if she is crying/ Haa... /some of her resin crumbles off her cracked arm, falling onto her chest/ /her shaking has been causing some of the loose pieces to fall off/ /though, luckily, there isn't any further damage being done, it is just fragments wedging in her arm from the initial hit/ I was so afraid for so long.. /she doesn't breath, which, one could take notice of/ /but, she is warm/ My father told me to never show people what I was because I would surely be hated or used by them for terrible things... U-unthinkable things.. /goes quiet for a moment, thinking about one of the things he said/ ... /he feels other people feelings?/ /so... did he know how I felt this whole time?/ /he... he couldn't have, right?/ /maybe he has to turn this power on?/ /maybe.../ Thank you, again... For helping me.. /takes her hands off her face, looking away from him again/ I'm glad you're here.. /laughs a bit, though, she doesn't sound too happy/ Would it be better if I could bleed? /trying to lighten the mood, but she seems to be failing/ /so, she is now left feeling awkward and rather embarrassed instead/

Amable: /listens to her, not going to stop her from speaking even if it is still a press matter of getting her put back together, if that is at all possible/ /he chooses not think about what she had she had thought would happen/ /not right now/ /it fills him with angry feelings, he does not need those right now/ /it seems like she had been brainwashed into thinking those things/ /it is quite possibly lucky for the person who had done this that they had died/ /though he cannot totally ignore what she had told him, not thinking about it is one thing, but ignoring it is a different thing/ ..No, I'm not feeling anything like that. /his voice remaining to sound just as concerned as he had been, however there is some slight hint of an underlying anger/ /he isn't the best at keeping his feelings to himself/ /even if he were to try/ /the feeling has nothing to do with her, just.. what she said/ /he pauses for a moment/ /in thought/ Could we talk about this after getting you.. Back into one piece? It feels troublesome to leave you like this. /after that pause the other underlying emotion in his voice is no longer there/ ..It would be worse if you to be bleeding, you wouldn't make it. /doesn't seem happy about that thought/ /he has a feeling of why she said what she said, yet.../ /a lot of the time he usually doesn't block out people's emotions from his own/ /he would know how she felt, just never had the need to say anything about it/ /it can take less effort to let himself feel emotions than to block them out/ /blocking tends to make things a little easier, however it can be useful to know what another person is feeling/ /such as right now, it might help to know how she is feeling but it would be terrible if he end up very angry for what ever reason/ /the door is only a glimpse at what he is capable of with his strength../

Charity: /silently stares at her bed for a moment, still not looking at Amable/ /her lips are shaped into a soft pout, appearing to not be very happy at this time/ /presses her hands against her chest lightly, likes how the pain in her arm vanishes for a moment when she first starts to rest it/ /but, it always ends up rising back into her body in a moment or two/ /she isn't quite covering her breasts when she does this, because that wasn't the reason she had put her hands there/ /she isn't thinking much about her nudity at this time/ /since, there is a lot of other important things going on/ /looks at Amable again when he speaks, listening to him/ /her eyes are open wider than before/ /seems amazed, if not a bit charmed, by something he said/ /though, the external show of such feelings doesn't last long/ ... /purses her lips nervously, looking away from him again/ /this time, she is looking straight at the ceiling/ Of course... /fidgets with her hands a bit/ Would you be willing to help me? I... I can't restring myself on my own with a broken arm. /while not as serious as a broken arm for a human, it is still painful and practically unusable to her now/ I need to tighten my strings before I am put back together... Or.. at least the strings in my legs. If I don't do this, I will walk slow and trip more often. /and if I ignore this task for a long time, I will become unable to move../ /thinks about what he said last, for a bit/ /not sure if she wants to reply/ I see... /decides to let him know that she heard what he said/ /bleeding sounds scary.../

Amable: /would be sitting at the table now, having just served Charity a slice of cake/ /seeming somewhat tired/ /he has, after all, been awake for quite some time now/ /usually he would seem fine, he is very durable/ /the amount of stress he had endured in the previous hours added to having been awake for the equivalent of a normal person's time of being awake shows/ /however he could still keep going without sleeping just yet, it may be noticeable that he looks tired but not by an awful lot/ /he can keep going for a long time/ /he isn't currently eating any cake, he would turn down the chance of eating it right now/ /is currently thinking over how to approach the subject he had intentionally put off speaking to her about/ /for at the time he had been.. not in a pleasant mood/ /one might still say he isn't, though it is different with the lessening of the feelings at the time/ /watching Charity/ /at the current moment he is open to anyone's emotions just like he had been when he had arrived/ /he feels it may be somewhat better to feel things rather than block them out/ /it is not likely he may approach his ability to feel other people's emotions further at this time/ /unless she was to bring it up/ What are you going to do about that arm? It doesn't fix itself, does it? /logically that substance wouldn't mend itself, raising this question/ /he would like to know how one would fix her arm/ /he is going to ask this before bringing something else up, what he asked to put off that is/ /both matters are perhaps equally pressing/
song: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B4z7loNm_kw


Charity: /would have taken the slice of cake he served her and thanked him/ /sitting at the table, most likely near him/ /takes a bite of the cake with her fork, sticking it into her mouth soon afterwards/ /chews while looking at Amable/ /he said we would talk about what I said once I was whole again.../ /I wonder if he will mention it.. or if I should?/ /maybe he feels uncomfortable knowing that I am not a human?/ /perhaps... he doesn't like dolls?/ /would ask if he wanted any cake, but if he didn't serve himself any... he probably doesn't care for it/ /looks down at her slice of cake again, staring at it/ /feeling a bit unsure about how he is feeling right now/ /though, she is happy and grateful as well... and there is another feeling that lingers/ /some sort of admiration or attraction for the person sitting in the same room as her/ /but, it's not too much, at this time/ /there are times where it has been felt strongly in the past/ /but, sometimes, it is unclear what kind of attraction it is/ /looks at Amable, when he speaks/ I.. I'm not sure... /looks away/ My papa told me that if my limbs became broken... I would have to replace them. Doll makers that are willing to make limbs in my size are not exactly "common"... /seems lost when thinking about what to do/ /even if she knew that one day she would eventually break something.. she was unable to come up with any planning for it/ /there are no doll makers she knows of other than her father/

Amable: /listens to her as she answers what he had asked/ /carefully considering every thing she is telling him/ /he knows the world pretty well, as he has to know it well/ /but just to be sure of anything he knows about it, he would rather go out and search for what he may need to find/ /no matter how long this may take/ /Rosemary would be necessary for this task/ /he has quickly conceived a path to go, and where it would lead, to see if he can find a doll maker able to make the right parts/ I'll see what I can do to find a doll maker. /she is going to need help getting a new arm.. he can't just sit by and let her arm, or any part of herself become worse than what it is now/ /briefly wonders how Charity is going to do anything with her broken arm/ Would you be alright here alone? I don't leave plan on leaving very soon, but when I do it would be useful to know if you could manage. /is aware that she has a job, and it may not be best to continue working like this/ /he may not mention anything more about that at this time, though it isn't certain/ /there remains to be another subject on his mind/ /he has hardly moved since he had started speaking/ It makes little difference to me that you're body isn't that of a human. It's true it is something I'm not used to, but you seem very human despite. That matters more, in my opinion, than what you are. I couldn't say the same before when I met you, then again who can really say anything. I would have suspected you had some kind of skin condition. I never had any need to ask about why you covered your skin in bandages, it wasn't my business to know. /the cake is still sitting on the table, with only a slice taken out of it/ /he may consider wanting a slice of it/ /it is something to eat after all/ /there is also a box on the table still/ /meant to be Charity's birthday present/

Charity: /listens to Amable/ /I wonder if he would be happier if I was human../ /if I wasn't what I am.../ /I'm not sure when it happened../ /but, not long ago, how he felt became something I started to think about more/ /it's not a good or a bad thing.../ /but I don't quite understand it yet/ /maybe someday I will.../ /blinks a few times, had become distracted by her thoughts/ Ah... Thank you.. /seems surprised that he would offer to do such a thing for her/ /but, she really shouldn't be, considering he is always helping her/ Well... I work.. But, I suppose I could ask for time off... I am unsure what I should say to my boss about this though. /I would need to come up with an excuse that sounds "human".../ /thinks about her arm and what she cannot accomplish now that it is broken/ How long would you be gone? I still need to restring myself often... Or I could possibly become even more damaged... /"damaged" is such a terrible word.../ /why did I../ /I suppose it's true... right?/ /I am broken, I have visible damage on my body.../ Perhaps, I could go with you? If I did, I could help you find a good doll maker..? /and, if I was there... they could take measurements and the process may be completed faster/ /it's not like I could do anything important here on my own anyways.../ /stops her thoughts, listening to what he says next/ /feels as if his words are something that she has needed to hear for a long time/ /they cause a lot of old feelings and memories to be remembered as well/ ... /takes a bite of her cake, swallowing it before she replies to him/ I... Thank you, Amable. Your words mean so much to me. /feels as if she could cry... but she is physically unable to/ /smiling now/ No one has ever said anything like that to me.. /takes another pause/ I was so afraid of anyone finding out, because of what they might say... But... /this is so different than what I expected.../ Again, thank you so much.. /but even more than that.../ /the fact that he is the person who didn't outcast me or hate me after seeing my body.../ /makes me very happy/ /I was terrified that he and I would no longer talk if he had found out../

Amable: /doesn't need to think about if he would take her with him or not/ /he had no intentions when he was, and still is, making the plans to find a doll maker/ You're welcome. /considers her words carefully, each one of them before speaking again/ /paying her close attention as there is nothing else he needs to give attention to/ /the subject of her job is still in his thoughts, he isn't going to respond to them right way/ I would rather you did not come with me, not until they had been found. There are too many risks involved.. because of who I am. It would be best if I knew where to go before I took you with me to avoid anything unnecessary. /pauses/ /he is not likely to get into the types of dangers that could occur, even nothing could occur/ /the risks are not worth it/ /everything in him wants to keep her safe/ /he hasn't questioned this feeling.../ It may take approximately one week, give or take, to find someone. It could be less if the easier way is more obtainable. /meaning if he can find his friend who knows the world well/ I have needed this information. Hopefully I won't run into--... /he cuts himself off, not wanting to finish that thought/ /there is only thing on this world above all else he would really not wish to run into/ /but that would be better left unsaid/ /he would be quick diverge the conversation from the subject/ What I would be doing is finding a few the well known doll makers in the world before returning, then I will take you with me. /it would make things easier if he has the proper route scouted out, as well as safest/ /there is one other matter.. but he will deal with it accordingly/ /his horse/ /his mood lightens as hers does/ /it may appear to have a noticeable effect/ /then again it may seem normal/ /he had been deep into his own thoughts with other subject that has come up/ Ah, you're welcome. /he smiles now/ I'm glad that could ease you. /he may have said something sooner if he had known/ /I like when she's happy.../ /hadn't been thinking of the present on the table, but it comes to is mind now/

Charity: /seems a bit let down when she can't go with him, even if she understands why she can't/ /still wearing her smile/ /she appreciates that he feels that way about it/ Oh, okay. I understand.. /it would be safer for me to stay here until then.../ /I suppose/ I will wait here then. /takes another bite of her cake, noticing the present on the table/ /stares at it while she chews, looking back at Amable when she swallows/ /will bring up the present in a bit/ /unless he brings it up first.../ /wonders briefly if it's for her or not/ That's good, that amount of time. I shouldn't need to tighten my strings while you are away then.. /this is important to her, so she is glad he will not be gone too long/ I see... /wants to ask who he is "hoping he doesn't run into"/ /but, if he stopped himself from speaking, he probably wouldn't want to mention it/ /takes another bite of her cake, waiting until it is gone to speak/ So, Amable? Who is that present for? /points to the one on the table/ /seeming interested in it/ /I wonder what is inside of it?/ /her happy mood still lingers/

Amable: It really shouldn't take very much time. /unless by some chance there isn't a doll maker who is capable of such a task/ /in which case I may come across a problem../ /I do believe this problem would have a solution, however/ /There is always a solution/ /it is likely he would just about anything to achieve the outcome of this task/ /escapes from his current train of thoughts, when she brings up the present on the table/ It is your birthday present, as well as are the a few more cakes stored in the kitchen. You can open it when ever. /doesn't matter to him when she opens it/ /he had just thought she would like it/ /it is the same type of dresses she usually wears, this one being pink and red/ /a fairly new dress as well, recently made/ /the box is large enough to accommodate the dress, if not a little larger/ /he pauses for a moment, from a thought/ /even though he does believe she should be able to enjoy her birthday.. the day doesn't seem to have had an enjoyable start for her/ Before things stray too far from the subject, I could give you a suggestion or two for how to approach your work about your arm. /leaving this as an option, rather than outright saying what is he had been thinking of/

Charity: /glad that he doesn't think it should take long for him to return/ /being alone with a broken arm can be worrisome/ /especially for someone as physically weak as herself/ /smiles a bit more when he says the present is for her/ /looking at it with an excited gleam in her eyes/ /looks at Amable/ Thank you so much! And more cakes too? Ah~ /seems very happy right now, despite the way her day started out/ Thank you! Can I open it now? /looks back at the present, going to open it without even waiting for him to answer/ /since, he told her she could open it whenever just a moment ago/ /moves to bring the present closer to her, would move her cake as well if needed/ /going about opening it as soon as she can/ /trying to keep her typical "ladylike exterior" despite her inner glee/ ... /she then stops, when Amable speaks again/ Oh? I would gladly hear your suggestion. /her smile seems nearly everlasting now, as if she has forgotten how she was feeling earlier/ /she believes in Amable a lot, feeling very confident that he will find someone who could make her a new arm piece/

Amable: /his smile had lessened for a moment with one of his previous statements/ /he had been feeling a rather serious mood/ /but he is now smiling again/ /there really isn't a reason not to considering she is fairly happy/ /..fairly is an understatement/ /seeing someone happy, he couldn't help but have it rub off on him/ /making him in a better mood whether he could feel their emotions or not/ /it only made it better if they were someone whom he knew/ As I a said, open when you'd like. /he laughs slightly at her excitement/ /there is less than a moment of silence before he picks up the topic he had brought up/ /his mood does not lessen, as hers doesn't/ /it feels somewhat reassuring that hers hasn't changed/ /he won't be mentioning more of his own power at this time, maybe some other time in the coming days perhaps.../ /but the expression does lessen some/ I was thinking, that you could tell them you had sprained your own wrist while doing housework. However, you could always tell them the truth.. Which you do not necessarily have to do. If you would rather do this.. /he is not expecting her to want to/ /but it is something he had thought of/ You don't have to be alone. /meaning he would willingly accompany/ /there would probably be hardly any trouble for her if he did to this, and may help her if she so choose to.. as he is someone she knows/

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