The human city of wood eye was founded as a logging camp in the harbor of Eye waters. But during a turf war with the local hob-goblin population the city became fortified and strong. The port began to import commodities on their way from Aloden to Saine. After the hob-goblin population was extinguished in the area the population of the humble town boomed into the wood held port. Their major exports include wood, sap, rubber, and gum. They are often known for being not being very hospitable toward other races in particular skin-changers have a particular distain in the city over several bad trades and skirmishes over the mountain ore.

Galmil is the crown of the dwarvish nation, founded as an outcropping of Borak with great underground ties to the mountain. It is said that beneath Galmil are a vast network of tunnels running the length and breath between the two dwarf kingdoms. Though closely tied the two cities have been slowly developing rivalries between the two leading parties. The politics within Galmil are intense and animosity toward humans and half-lings has never been higher. They are not known for their commerce apart from their excellently crafted tools and weapons. And it is said that their guns are unparalleled.

Borak is an ancient Dwarven stronghold nicknamed the stone giant, for its massive Dwarf statue guarding the main gate. From this city the main supply of money is produced, the wealth of the city is vast and their exports of unstained gold silver and nickel are higher then any other city. It is so much so that the Borak cast coin is now acceptable nearly world wide.

Saine is the city known for its cooperation. Currently the leaders of the city are of drow desent and welcome every race into their city and take no exception, though the band of Etin that live just outside the peninsula's fortress have caused many deaths, though Lagula the leader of Saine, currently uses them as cannon fodder against their other enemies.

Vacy is a grand city of thieves, originally formed by elves it was soon taken over and is currently the pirate trade capital. Though goods still travel through this city it is often know that a ship traveling through the near waters may be raided. The raiding has become so bad at times that the Dwarvish city of Borak launched a war against the pirates. But with all their efforts they were only able to hold onto the area for little over a month.

The elvish city of Valinta is known for only two things, the scale of its farming, and its oppressive dictatorship. Not only has the local lord Malion enslaved the major population of his own people within the city, he has also taken hostage a local community of humans. Through this massive clash of culture comes the rise of the Halfling nation. Though their survival rate is low within the cities, many couples have escaped the city to raise their children elsewhere. Despite the rejection of their native city the nation of Halflings is growing strong in number.

Anthond is a human city of cold, their major export is ice, salt, and alcohol. This city is know for its burly hunters and booze hounds. It is also a last stop on the way to the northern shrine of the human gods, a trek that not many survive. There are many years when the winters freeze out the native population and the whole city is known to move slightly south on the ice coated ocean.

Astier is the in-land Halfling capital. Despite being the compilation of two races they are surprisingly resistant to other races. Their gate guards are known to reject humans elves, and skin-changes in dire need of care. Beyond that their major resource is their affinity toward engineering. It is said in some corners that their prowess in the subject rivals that of the Dwarves, and it has been said also that there are a good population of Dwarves living inside the high walls. The high walls provide their major defense against the neighboring drow whose wars have cost them many thousands.

Valchi is known as the Drow captial, it is said that the city is covered in a veil of darkness, though from a distance it looks average at best. The drow that live there are generally benevolent but when they become violent it is the neighbor city of Astier that pays the price. They have launched 9 wars on the halfling city, and taken the city 5 of those times killing a good portion of the populace.

Aloden is the grand city of commerce. It is the headquarters of the worldwide trade federation which holds private estates in or near every major city. The city is as known for its commerce as its architecture and boasts the largest population of artists anywhere. Of which the commission of state art is very high. The city even has its own budget of marble imported directly from Saine. The occupants of Aloden enjoy the highest standard of living in the world but are know to be a little bit snobbish. They willingly accept any race of peoples. The city itself seems to draw lines in trade rather then race.

Telchal is a city on water, once it was apart of Orfil and featured a runnable bridge between the two cities but since a series of damaging storms it was determined that the two cities were better off separated. Originally founded as a collections of huts in a mangrove marsh between the two islands of Or and Chal, to hide the elf and drow refugees from human occupancy. The city is know best for its production of wine and other powerful spirits. However superstitions the occupants may be they live and breath the plentiful life of Aloden and the religious life of Orfil.

Orfil: The City of all Eyes


Orfil, the ancient city that stands alone in the vast south-west ocean, holds all the key to the past, present, and future. This city is also known as: The City of all Eyes. Within the Citadel of Knowledge, there are a collection or blind oracles who have been blessed with the power to vaguely predict the future and the destiny of the lands of the living. Centered based by the words spoken by the oracles and their knowledge, giving it the ancient effect. However, the numbers of the oracles has decreased due to the deaths of seven out of the eleven oracles.

However, one of the four oracles may be seen in the public eye, while the others prefer the privacy within themselves and meetings if summoned.

Local Perks:

-> The Seeing Eye Marketplace – One of the perks that is offered to the public is a small marketplace on the outskirts of the city.

-> With this, guests are permitted to sacrifice dearly to them in order to get a prediction from the oracles. A prediction of their own future.

-> The Fountain of Times – To guests who desire to seek knowledge from the past, they are invited to step up the Stairs of Fate that lead up to the Citadel of Knowledge, to peer into the Fountain of Times. With a sacrifice of something beloved, the guest may peer into the fountains and seek something of the past of what they desire.

-> The Stairs of Fate – Visitors are welcomed to visit the Citadel of Knowledge, but are honored to climb the stairs that lead up to the large citadel. There are thousands of steps to walk up, but each stair has an encrypted tale of those who had stepped on these stairs, and created history of the past and formed the future.

-> The Whispering Tavern – With the local tavern found near the marketplace, guests are welcomed to stop and seek shelter in The Whispering Tavern. With a restaurant found inside with a bar, as well as several rooms to accommodate the visitors.

-> Orfil Port – With the ships coming in from Telchal Port and Woodeye Port, this port can only fit two ships per visit. However, the Air Port of Galmil is also accepted, due to the landing dock being found on another section of the dock.

The city of Ingdale is known as the valley city of the skin changers, known for druids, and transformers of all kinds. The city seems to be covered in light magic and it is often the migrating home of pixies and fairies who are very well known to play pranks on the locals. The city seems to embrace nature, as covered in ivy and stray cats and monkies who call the ruined temple home.

Linevrion is the elvish capitol, it is known as the city of lights. The, cause of which is a bio-luminescent growth that appears within the marble gathered around the city and in the truly native born. The elves that are born there are known for being born with a string of leaf like tattoos that glow brightly in the darkness. The city has no torches candles or lights of any kinds, and uses weapons made by the halflings of Astier. They are also known to commune with the people of Ingdale, though none of the other races are welcome in the bright city.

Both cities of Exic and Dynge are human cities of the north. They both encompass a good portion of the beach between them and use the land well, in the lake between them is an old ruined fortress which was once said to hold a god. It is well advised to stay away from the ruins as they have been known to swallow children. However Dynge is the city of port to reach the Priory of Ipsum, known as the grand library estate of the late Ipsum family. The estate of which is now maintained by the city of Dynge and the local monks that were known to gather there in their quest for knowledge.

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