The crack of the whip echoed throughout the empty chamber. Grace screamed out in pain as the whip connected with her back, which was already red and covered in welts. “PLEASE! STOP! I’VE HAD ENOUGH!” Grace shouted with tears in her eyes. “What do you think? Should we stop?” One of the guards asked. “I don’t know. You wait here and keep an eye on her, and I’ll go get Jack.” The other guard said and left to go get Jack. “Please, I’ve learned my lesson and I won’t try to escape again.” Grace said desperately trying to get herself out of the horrible torture chamber in the basement dungeon. “I’m sorry but I can’t, especially not now. If Jack finds out I let you out of here before he arrived to determine whether or not we did a satisfactory job, he’ll have me executed. Nothing personal though, I honestly can’t stand that guy.” “Can’t stand WHAT guy?” a voice hissed from the bottom of the staircase. “Uhhh…that guy that murdered you’re parents. Your parents were great people. It’s a shame that happened.” “Hmmmm...I have little reason to not believe you, and yet I feel as though you are lying to me. You know what happened to the last guy that lied to me right?” The guard swallowed hard. “Yes sir, you had me execute him as an example to anyone that might oppose you or speak ill of you.” “Exactly, now which guy where you talking about again?” The guard looked around anxiously and sighed. “I was talking about one of my colleagues. He’s always slacking off and bothering everyone. I really can’t stand that guy.” Jack looked the guard over very carefully. “Alright, you’re off the hook this time. Next time you lie to me though, I’ll have your head decorating my wall in my throne room.” The guard looked absolutely terrified. “I won’t lie to you again sir. I promise! But how did you know I was lying?” “I didn't, but you just told me. See to it you don’t lie to me again. You may show the girl to her new chamber. The room right next to the throne room so I can personally see to it that she doesn’t escape again.” “Yes sir.”

“How much farther until we reach the next city Jean?” John asked clearly exhausted from the journey. “Well, we’re three days out of day Grimmwol, and it’s another three days to the next city so we’re about halfway to the next town.” “Wait, you don’t mean that we are headed to Brimera?” Gaufyn asked in a slightly shaky voice. “I do mean Brimera, why?” Jean asked. “I passed through there on my journey before running into you guys and I happened to be in the wrong place and long story short, I was banished from the city. So I guess I’ll just walk around it and meet you guys on the other side.” Gaufwyn said. “Wait, so you’re saying that there was a misunderstanding? What type of misunderstanding were you caught up in?” John said. “Well, I was walking down the street admiring the buildings and the wares of the merchants and I as I was walking along someone yelled ‘That’s him guards, that’s the elf who murdered my brother!’ The guards looked at me and said ‘Well, we don’t have any proof except for the word of this man who claims he was there. So I guess we have no choice but to ban you from the city. You’re very lucky that we don’t have much evidence otherwise we might be having an execution today. Looks as though whoever you elves pray to is watching out for you. Now get out of our city or we will be forced to execute you for failure to comply with orders of a guard.’ So I am not welcomed in that city.” Gaufwyn sighed. “I would’ve at least liked them to give me a chance to defend myself, but every time I tried to say something the guards just said ‘Shove it Knife Ear, you shouldn’t even be out of your slums.’ I had no idea what that meant but I did hear tales of cities that have a slum area for the elves because they treat them as lesser beings.” “That’s awful. Maybe we can help you clear your name when we reach the city. We are humans and maybe they will listen to us since they seem to hate elves.” Jean said. “Thank you gentlemen, you’ve done so much for me already. I just hope they will listen to you.”

Grace sighed as she looked around her room. “Well, at least it’s a lot nicer than the dungeon.” The room was indeed nicer than the dungeon. There was an actual bed with nice furnishing, the walls were a royal purple, lovely lanterns were lighting up the room, there was only one wooden door and it was locked from the outside to guarantee that she wouldn’t escape. The only thing that was very unsettling was the giant picture of Jack that was always staring at her from the wall across from the bed. “That thing gives me the creeps.” Grace said as she shuddered. “Don’t get me wrong, he is quite handsome, but I can’t stop feeling uncomfortable to have this thing in my room. There’s just something unsettling about it.” Grace lay down on the bed. “I guess this would be a very nice room, if that creepy painting weren’t always watching me. I feel as though this is his way of saying ‘I’m sorry that I’m a huge freaking jerk.’ But then again, it could just be he wanted to keep me closer to make sure I don’t escape and this was all that was available.” Grace sighed and closed her eyes to sleep.