Grace looked around the room where her cell was located. The guards had swapped shifts about two hours ago. She carefully watched the guards looking for any sign of exhaustion. After another ten minutes or so, one of the guard’s heads started to droop and the sound of his snoring was echoing through the chamber. The other guard seemed to just ignore it as if nothing was going on. A bell started ringing throughout the room and the sleeping guard awoke with a start and both guards sprinted off. “I guess someone is trying to break out? Well, now’s MY chance to try and breakout.” Grace took the bobby pin out of her hair and attempted to use it as a lock pick. “Come on, just a little more. Almost…got it…just one more…got it!” Grace pushed the door open and carefully opened the door leading to the hall. After checking the halls, she decided it was safe to proceed. “Now, what’s the best way to get out of here?” Grace decided her best option was to keep moving and hiding behind pillars since the guards were most likely distracted by the bell summoning them. Eventually, she navigated her way to the main lobby. “Well, well, well, where are we going now? Just going to look at the garden? No, of course not, you don’t seem the garden type. Maybe you just wanted to get some fresh air? Well, if that’s the case you should’ve just asked yours truly to let you out of your cell and let you walk around outside. However, seeing as you would rather break out of your cell and completely disrespect me, we have to take some sort of measure to assure that this doesn’t happen again, won’t we?” Grace turned around and was not surprised to see the man who was holding her captive. The tall “Gentleman” whose hair was fiery red as his temper, with eyes of a piercing, cold, icy blue color was staring down at her as he started to walk down the stairs. He snapped his fingers and two of his loyal guards ran over to his side. “Take her down to the chamber in the basement. Make sure that she has learned her lesson before putting her somewhere she won’t escape from.” The guards grabbed her arms and started dragging her towards the basement. “Oh, and Grace, if you try anything like that again, I may have no choice but to have you executed in front of my adoring public. They simply love executions you know. Especially if it’s an execution of a rebellious person, those are their absolute favorite.” He smiled in a sly and daring fashion before he turned and stormed off, leaving Grace to her fate.

Early the next morning I awoke and paid the inn keeper before going to get Jean and continuing on our journey. “How’d you sleep John?” “I slept fine. Of course that pint sure did help to knock me out.” He looked at me and raised an eyebrow. “I don’t know if you’re mocking me or not John, but regardless I’m glad you slept well.” “I was just ribbing you Jean. You know very well I don’t drink much, if ever.” “Hard times tend to raise the desire for some people to drink. It all just depends on the situation the person is put in. Anyway, I think we should get moving and seize the day now.” “Yeah, but I’m going to get something to eat from the tavern first. You want me to bring you anything from the tavern?” I had a feeling I already knew the answer. “Nope, I’m just going to go into this nice little shop and pick up some supplies to make my own breakfast and other meals throughout our journey. The next town is quite a ways away.” “Meet back here in about 15 minutes or so?” Jean smiled and patted me on the shoulder before walking off to the shop. After a nice breakfast I met Jean in the middle of time and we started off on the next part of our journey. As we started to leave the town we saw an elf sprinting into the city with three guys chasing him down. Jean and I stepped forward and blocked the path of the men. “Oy, what’s the big idea cutting us off?” the first man asked us. “Well, what’s the big issue here? Why are you chasing down that poor elf gentleman?” Jean asked the men. “He stole our money we worked hard to get.” The second man said. “Excuse me? They stole that from me and chased me down when I took it back from them.” The elf said. “Well we are band…” third man started to say before being elbowed by the first man. “He means we’re a band of lovely working gentlemen. Isn’t that right?” The third man nodded furiously holding his stomach. Jean shook his head. “The only thing I hate more than thieves are liars. So, which one of you wants the first broken jaw?” Jean asked cracking his knuckles. The three men laughed. “There’s three of us and only two of you. I like our odds.” Jean threw a punch that connected with the first man’s jaw sending a deafening crack throughout the village and the man to the ground unconscious. “Still like them odds?” Jean asked with a smirk. The two conscious men looked at each other clearly thinking about what the best course of action would be. “Tell you what gents, I’ll let you gather your friend down there and leave with your jaws intact. Unless you want me to break them anyway, either way, I’m happy to oblige gentlemen.” The two men nodded and gathered their friend before retreating back down the trail. “Thank you kind gentlemen, I don’t know what would’ve happened if you hadn’t stepped in to help me.” The elf smiled at us and started to dig threw his coin pouch. “No, you should keep that good elf. We don’t need a reward, helping people is what we do.” Jean said to the elf and placed a hand on his shoulder. “It was a nice gesture though.” The elf stopped and looked at him. “I’m sorry, but I feel obligated to pay you back some way.” Jean shook his head. “You don’t need to pay us back for anything. We are just glad to do the right thing.” I was genuinely confused as to why Jean was saying “We” I had nothing to do with knocking out that one guy and scaring off the other two, that was all him. “Oh, but I do kind sir. Wait, I’ve got it. You two seem to be on some sort of adventure. Well, what if I accompany you two? What do you say, give me a chance to repay the kind deed and go on an adventure as well? Oh how I’ve always wanted to go on an adventure.” The elf stopped talking and seemed to be drifting off into a land of his own personal fairy tales. Jean looked at me and I just shrugged my shoulders as if to say “Why not?” and Jean got the message. “Well, I guess it can’t hurt to have another tag along. I’m Jean and this is my buddy John.” I smiled as Jean introduced me. “Pleasure to meet you both, my name is Gaufwyn. Would you mind filling me in on what the adventure we are going on is?” Jean and I looked at each other. “Long story short, Jack has stolen my girlfriend and we’re going to rescue her from him.” I said. “Oh my, I’m sorry for your loss John. However, I know we will be successful on this adventure.” Jean smiled. “I like this guy, always so positive and full of life. Well, let’s get on our way.”