This is the first story I've actually decided to work on that wasn't Zombie related and I'm trying out an "Action/Romance" type story. Anyone that reads this, let me know what you think.

“Hey, are you feeling alright?” My girlfriend asked me with a concerned look on her face. I slowly turned to her, regaining a grip on the present. “Yeah, I’m fine…I was just thinking about stuff. It’s been quite a weird day.” She looks into my eyes and quickly wraps me in an embrace. “Well, I think there’s more to it than that, but I’m not known to be one to pry.” I wrap my arms around her and allow a tear to fall. “Yeah, that’s what I love about you.”

I really should introduce who we are now, before I get too far into the story. My name is John and I’m just an average 19 year old guy. You know the type, a bit shy, a bit self-conscious, passive unless something I’m passionate about comes up, and usually kind hearted. I have brown hair and green eyes. My girlfriend is very similar to me in some ways, but very different in others. Her name is Grace. She has black hair and blue eyes.

I jolted awake and was breathing heavily. “Are you alright?” a man who appeared to be in his mid-20s with blond hair, a long, scruffy, blond beard, and blue eyes asked me. “Yeah, I’m fine Jean...just had a weird dream.” “Do you want to talk about it?” “There’s not much to say honestly. It was just a dream about the last time I saw my girlfriend before she was kidnapped. I appreciate you accompanying me on this journey.” “Hey, what are friends for?” he said as he gave me a hearty pat on the back. I smiled at him and tried to regain my thoughts before speaking again. “Really though, you didn’t have to join me on this quest. You could’ve said no and carried on life as usual.” “And miss out on an adventure? Hahaha, you really don’t know me do you? I never pass up an adventure especially one fueled by passion and romance. Always glad to help a young man with issues in the romance department, even if I have to put myself at risk to help with a rescue mission.” “Well, I guess we should get moving then, since we’re both awake and I don’t see myself going back to sleep.” “Agreed Little Buddy, let’s move out. We’ve got quite a lot of time to go before we reach the next town. Do you have your weapon ready just in case?” I reached my hand to my back to feel for my bow and quiver before checking my thigh for my daggers. Can’t hurt to be over prepared right? Just in case. “Yep, I got my bow, arrows, and daggers.” “Good, and I’ve got my mallet all set to go” he said gesturing to the huge hammer on his back “Cause you never know when you might get attacked by bandits, wild animals, or the imperial men. You know, since the prince probably has his men hunting us having heard of our quest to get your girl back.” I put on my leather armor and black hooded cloak. “Alright, shall we head for the next town?”

Sitting in the throne room is the prince, Jack, who is notorious for kidnapping the most beautiful women in his kingdom and keeping them in his dungeon until he finds he time to have his way with them. There is much speculation that his doing this is his way of coping with the death of his parents, the king and queen, who were brutally murdered in a rebellion against them.

Depending on who you ask you will hear that it was either a brutal savage who emerged from the woods one day and with his group of renegades lead the assault on the royal town and struck down the guards before storming the castle and murdering the beloved king and queen. I bet you can guess which caste of people was saying that. If you ask anyone outside of the realm of royalty, or cities not under careful surveillance of the royal guard murdering or exiling anyone who spoke ill of the king or queen, they would say they remember the day vividly. A man rode into town on a black steed, he rallied the people together and offered them a better tomorrow in which they could live freely, but the cost would be great and many people may die. Many in the village followed him when he left, and they rode towards the dark cloud that hovered over the castle that day. The guards saw the hero lead everyone towards the castle and called the command to “STRIKE DOWN THE HERO!” thinking it would demoralize the rest of the rebels if they did. None of the guards were successful in killing the hero, but plenty of peasants died in that fight. Some say when the hero entered the throne room the king and queen threw themselves at his feet and begged for mercy, so he let them go. Others say the king and queen had used the begging for mercy as a ruse to get him to lower his guard so they could kill him like the cowards they were, but ultimately got what was coming to them. Whichever you choose to believe, just know the prince was emotionally scarred because he was told that they were killed in cold blood in the throne room.