Carl In A Good Mood! Reporter Scared Anyway!

Feeling a powerful inclination to science this week, I heard rumors of something strange going on outside Junk In The Trunk, and hightailed it over. The sight that met me was unbelievable- dozens of portable TV sets and phones streaming marathons of a sleeper hit psychological horror show. And instead of chasing away the animated squatters, terrifying and stenchy local shopkeeper Carl was right in the middle of it! He seemed to be giving away mouthfuls of strange new items as he roved through the fans arranged outside. The item in question includes some questionably awesome body modifications, so of course I had to have one. For science.

I made up my mind and approached Carl. As I drew closer, I observed something unnerving. Some viewers were engaging the elk in discussion as they took their complimentary freebie- and he was responding! Positively! Gaians were thanking him, and he wasn't charging in anger or bugling at them with a musky intimidation! It was too weird. The most violent he got was staring, and seeming to think about chewing a balloon.

Was Carl... enjoying himself?

Even for a dedicated sneak reporter and scientist, the scene was too Twilight Zone. I went home quickly for a well-needed nap.

NEXT WEEK: Rumors spread like wildfire about a hidden connection between Carl and the fabled imprisoned nightlord, Nyx. Is there any truth to them? What are the origins of Carl's inner darkness? Join us here at the Paparazzi (2003 GCD Boulevard, Barton Town) to find out!

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