As of last night I have decided to not talk to people so much online, I need to get my business in order, make it work, I need to start writing again, start up my Japanese lessons again, and get another job so I can pay for things for my store. I'm going to try looking for something I can do online so I don't have to leave the house but I'm not sure I'll be able to find anything, hoping though. I'm just done living like I'm still a kid when in reality I'm almost 30, I should be living on my own, taking care of my own bills, I miss doing that. I wish that I had saved my money from babysitting, I would be able to do a lot of that now but unfortunately like most kids I spent the money. Anyway point being money is no longer going to online sites, and ONLY going to things for my store, even if I can only get a few items a week I no longer care but I WILL be getting more things for the store and the money WILL only be going to that.