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The Cortex Queue
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Nameless Entrapped
It'z very late today to really write something so I'm going to share a dream that I "published" via a different source. I shared this one with PJ once because I thought it was one that captures a feeling really well, I know it'z not romantic and I probably should have shared something romantic, but it is what it is. He sent me one too, although I'm not sure whether he was sober when he did, I suspect he was but he kept saying he was drunk although everything was spelled ok and grammatically understandable. Also, so it doesn't get lost in this post, I want to share the song that has been on my mind this entire week; I'm too tired to analyze why and it's probably easy to tell anyway :

Upon piercing the off-color orange with a large nail, Nameless sucked the juice from the hole, slathering over the bitter rind as much as draining the orange of any life. Missing teeth shadowing the black maw that departed from the fruit, Nameless smiled at the quarry in the tank. Floating in the fetid water, dead goldfish, vertebrae decomposing as maggots squirmed beneath the scales on the remainder of the corpse. Nameless rattling laughter shattered the silence as Nameless bit chunks of the rind and spat them out onto the ground. The ground was already littered with cockroaches, mold, decomposing food, and mice. More nails stuck up out of the boards, bloodied by Nameless's shambling gait. Nameless itself was horrendous, sores decorated its chapped lips, bruises colored its body more than not, its nails were jagged and split up to the nailbeds, it had no clothes on....prostrating its nature to the world. Truly, the drained orange was still more alive than Nameless. Crashing resounded from upstairs, Nameless scampered into a large hole in the wall, the foundation crumbled around Nameless's appendages as Nameless became a part of Nameless's dwelling again. Climbing over the splintering foundation, Nameless found a hole from which to view the origin of sound. Its vision was filled with light that for a second it leaned back blinking its bloodshot eyes, temporarily blinded by so foreign a substance. Regaining semblance, Nameless peered into a different room. The floor was covered by a carpet of dust in all but one region. The dust was piled up around a large rock that was hurled through the dry boards covering the window. Nameless quietly observed as figures climbed through the hole. Unable to contain itself, it started to enunciate angry syllables with no meaning. The figures stopped their movements and turned to the wall. Instead of climbing back out, they walked to the wall and slid their hands over it. An index finger found Nameless's peering hole and slid inside in brazen disregard for what lay on the other side. Frightened, Nameless bit down on the finger and held on as the figure yelled out in pain. As the figure attempted to remove its finger from the wall, Nameless's head was battered against the inside of the foundation until Nameless let go, its broken nose dripping a mixture of pus and blood. The finger was replaced with a stunningly blue eye that instantly found Nameless before Nameless had a chance to cower on the ground. Nameless froze as the eye disappeared and strange communication occurred on the other side. A crash rang out and the wall caved in close by. Nameless made for retreat but another hole appeared on its other side.

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