One of the things that I hate about multiplayer games that is when teammates ask for something and they dont get it or twist you words. Well, it more annoys me but still. For example, a game like Gears of War, you tell your team that you are going to get a power weapon, heavy weapon or grenades and they let you get it, when its out of ammo or you die and tell your team that its on respawn. No one gets it and then b*tch when the other team gets it when you haven't respawn or not even near the weapon spawn.

I normally get grandes on 80% of the map collection of there are some maps where I dont go for nades cause where they spawn its a death trap. Beginning of one match I tell my team that I'm going for nade. enough thou I dont need to cause they know that i go for nades on this one map for sure. After the first round my sis ask to get nades and I tell her " Sure go ahead, but at least let me get the 2nd set of nades so i can use them to steal the other team's nades." Before she died, she used the nades, the nades spawned but she didnt, so i grabbed them and and ran to the other team to get their nades, but she starts b*tching at me and starting getting mad about it. Then wants stop playing regardless that she got the MVP. after the match everyone tells her not to leave and drops my name about not sharing. after I told her, that She didn't let me get the one set of nades that I asked for and that she knows that if I'm not at nades and they spawn just get them. Personally if my team wins, thats good for me. I dont care if i got slightly negative in score or get the stupid MVP cause its easy to get as long as my team wins, Ill keep playing, But for my gears buddies to twist my words and sh*t when they all heard me say " let me get the 2nd set" pissed me the f*ck off and its not just that they twisted my words its that they know all were againist me. I love gears and i play it cause its one of the games that i love to have fun with friends but sh*t dude. I love the game to death but I actually wanted to break the game in my hands cause of that sh*t.