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I Dream A Dream of Time Gone By
Assorted things: Journaling, dream avatars, item lists, and Gaia headcanon.
I am. This close to making and heading up an NPC defence thread. THIS close. emotion_dowant
Imagine it. An alliance of people who call out haters of characters or pairings, call out people that mischaracterize NPCs, making the forums a safer place for staff to come out and play with them
no more gumby ningatas or crimson legends or philosophy teacups whining about killing diedrich or cancelling demigod plot to return to 'our roots', or unhealthy obsession with Sentinel, or how yaoi is inferior to the cielmund shower pic
no more obnoxious self-centered fangirls claiming ownership of and relationships with characters we would otherwise see much more frequently were it not for their warping and intimidation (because dammit we have enough cults on here already without losing NPCs interacting because of ourYOUR, THEIR behaviour) (if it seems like i'm blaming the fanthreads I complained about constantly for keeping Nicolae out during V-day14, whoops, you caught me red-handed and I ain't even sorry)

and oh
all the whiteknighting I could ever dream of emotion_kirakira

It would be beautiful.

lmao I'm suddenly so glad nobody uses the journal feature anymore. It means I can probably still whine just as much as ever even though my friendslist has grown.

I love calling people out.
I'm trying very hard to earn my stripes as a GCD prommie this year so I can receive the socially-conferred authority that being a veteran affords, because I want to be able to call people out and be respected on it.
That's my ulterior motive. That's why I'm loud and friendly and chatty where I never was before.
It's because I hate everyone and I'm working hard to make sure I deserve to let them know it.
AHAHAHA, gaia sure is beautiful. =w= damn.
And.... I love it. I'm a good whiteknighter. I'm annoyed and poor, and not totally blind, but I owe the website a good amount of whiteknighting after all the years I pulled such sh*t around here, and I am very caring and invested towards what the site has had to offer me and the people involved in it.

Ahh, man. What a pleasant rant. Blowing off steam sure does a body good, that it does.

I think that Item discussion would be a really good choice at this point (and I always have, but each time with renewed vigor). We need some cleanup of our fandom 'round these here parts, you know?

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Community Member
commentCommented on: Sun Mar 02, 2014 @ 11:44am
I approve of ur idea and I will always be stalking ur journal at 7am from now on ninja

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