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The GaiaLife of Mareonet I used to compare the live performances of favorite bands and artists of the visual-kei/J-rock, rock, industrial, gothic rock, and metal genres all around the world . Now...I just talk of Gaia and my GaiaLife.

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Not For Forum Entry#1
Alright, bringing out my logical b*tch...as I've been doing for a while, now.

Some quotes.

Mind you all of this is based upon observation and personal opinion. I tend to be general like that.

...It would have been nice, but it honestly would have been almost unimaginable work for the site to redo every single item for the new bases and for no real profit either.

Don't get me wrong, I don't like everything being for profit these days, but I think some of you guys are not thinking about exactly what a freakishly huge effort it would take to redo all of the items into the new bases. Heck, the last I checked we still have some of the oldest items being redone to be unisex, and that was a mere handful of simple items compared to the utter behemoth of an inventory we have today. It took eleven years for Gaia to build it's inventory, and asking them to redo every single item for absolutely nothing is frankly somewhat cruel.

First of all, these black highlighted points.
a. NO ONE, and I mean, probably nearly NO ONE asked for this to happen. And if there are people, they were probably a minority.
b. Again, who the hell wanted this to happen? We have every right to b*tch and so us "asking" them to redo anything is something we can't help because they dished this out themselves and did this to themselves. They just happened to dish something out that a vast number of Gaians don't like. So this is all on them. This is plain ridiculous.

Cruel? HA! I'd f*cking bet $25 on this site that if more attention was given to the storyline and what Gaia used to be, even with things related to it (reread that—related to it) being sold for GCash, all of this b*tching likely would not be happening any more than b*tching happened in the old days. But seriously, everyone is complaining or just plain leaving, now.

Must I add that if you or anyone else didn't want us to complain about "asking for CShop items for free", then....uh...thinking logically, they shouldn't have made the damned animal avatars that no one asked for to begin with. They could have spent their evidently precious time, money and effort making better things and things the majority actually wanted/want. We want them to stay around, too, ya know.

It's a slap in the face to artists who slave away on items just to be asked to


This sounds like a bunch of bratty butthurt nonsense.

Again, we didn't ask for this. Complain to them, not to us. Maybe they should have made a damned trial period instead of just dropping this bomb on us so abruptly. All the announcements coming out every frigging day and not a single one mentioned this. Or am I wrong? Hm?


Who says it's not the perfect gold sink? GaiaCash = bills paid for the company and the employees so they can keep pumping out amazing things for us.

I think everyone is jealous. And I can understand that, not having the means to get what you want IMMEDIATELY is something Gaia has done for years.

But to EXPECT your items to be converted to animal form and handed out FOR FREE, which mind you is what this whole topic is about, is audacious and childish.

It is f*cking childish. heart

You think we don't f*cking know that there are real people working in this company? It's not the GCash itself...it's what the hell they are NOT or ARE doing with it—all wrong!

Expect items to be handed out for free? EXPECT MY ASS. We EXPECT Gaia to take into consideration just what the hell they're doing to US. Lower the goddamned prices; I don't see a sh*tload of people complaining about the fact that these items cost GC themselves. $25+ f*cking dollars on ONE pixeled item—are you out of your mind? Not everyone can do that and let's not get into the Marketplace, eh?

They're focusing on all the wrong things. Small updates on other things shouldn't be that hard to come by. A good example: inventory. Look at the name of the page, for crying out loud. Even they know they're past due for these updates. YEARS, long before this damned "depression" even started.

You're the one who sounds bratty and "butthurt", as you say. Especially with those hearts at the end, there, pal. Not much of a real explanation to anything...just anger or...whatever it is you felt when you posted here.

Lastly....exactly what the hell are we supposed to be jealous about?

Someone tell me otherwise. I loooove conversations like this. Strong opinions vs. strong opinions.

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