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White Cheetah Log
Um... Just to say to all that cares. Nothing really big here...
Rolax Soriiax: *Backflips back into existence* Wassup?!! 15:20
Hptm. Hans: Ach! Verdammt, don't shock me like zat. 15:22
Rolax Soriiax: Why? There's no fun not shocking you then. *Lays on his tank* 15:23
Hptm. Hans: Because I'm a soldier, und normally vhen someone jumps up at me, zey're trying to kill me. I tend to try und kill zem back. 15:24
Rolax Soriiax: Heh. Good luck with that. *Spins his handgun in her hand almost carelessly* 15:25
Hptm. Hans: I've killed men vith my hands before, ze pistol just makes it easier. *Then mumbles* Can see zis starting to get annoying... 15:27
Rolax Soriiax: *Smirks as she looks at him* What's getting annoying Hansie? 15:28
Hptm. Hans: Nothing, nothing at all... So, you vere talking about how you can 'See why Roxxi is the way she is'? 15:29
Rolax Soriiax: Huh? Did I say someth'n like that? *Ponders as she places a hand on her chin, then bops one fist into her open fist in remembering* Oh yeah. Yeah, this whole goddess thing kinda makes you realize that you're not held back by things that held you back before. I can also see why most gods and goddesses get like this, messin' with mortals as a sort of fun. The power in them is just that limitless. 15:31
Hptm. Hans: ... You vere already a semi-Goddess! *Sighs and rolls his eyes* But fine, sure. 15:33
Rolax Soriiax: 'ey 'ey, I was never some semi-goddess. I had so many weaknesses that made it rather stupid for me to even try being stupid. But like this, I don't even have to worry about someone just grabbin' my horn and making me immobile in pain. 15:35
Rolax Soriiax: *Grins* 15:35
Hptm. Hans: I see... 15:38
Rolax Soriiax: *Chuckles then looks at a watch* Bah, gonna head into town to get money. 15:39
Hptm. Hans: Sure 15:40
Rolax Soriiax: Brb! 15:42
Hptm. Hans: Sure! 15:42
Rolax Soriiax: Nevermind XD 15:52
Hptm. Hans: XD 15:53
Rolax Soriiax: Heh 15:58
Hptm. Hans: Heh? 16:00
Rolax Soriiax: I dunno. 16:12
Rolax Soriiax: Good mood I guess? 16:12
Hptm. Hans: Vell I'd assume being all-powerful vould have zat effect. 16:12
Rolax Soriiax: Pfft, you see how often Roxxi is bored. 16:13
Hptm. Hans: Because she's used to being all-powerful. 16:13
Hptm. Hans: It's new for you. 16:13
Rolax Soriiax: True. 16:13
Hptm. Hans: See? I am right sometimes. *Chuckles* 16:14
Rolax Soriiax: Mm, sometimes indeed. 16:17
Hptm. Hans: ... Und vhat does zat mean? 16:18
Delta Was Boot Kicked To The Moon By Roxxi! 16:22
Rolax Soriiax: *Shrugs* Feb 27
Rolax Soriiax: Yo Delta. 16:22
Delta: Heyo newest merged lifeform and old, stale, soldier organism, 16:23
Delta: *plops a bowler hat on Rolax's head and a trilby one on Hans'* 16:27
Rolax Soriiax: *Rolls her eyes* 16:33
Rolax Soriiax: Brb 16:33
Hptm. Hans: I already have a hat! 16:34
Delta: Now you have two! 16:36
Hptm. Hans: ... I don't need two! 16:38
Delta: *takes both hats* Fine. 16:41
Delta: *throws away the trilby and places Hans officer hat on his own head* You sure though, because this hat is pretty nice. 16:42
Hptm. Hans: *Frowns* I need my offizier's hat, if you please. Und don't throw away ze other one... I don't vear uniforms all ze time, you know? 16:43
Delta: *spins the hat on his finger* I thought you didnt need the other one? 16:45
Hptm. Hans: Not vhen I'm in uniform, no. 16:48
Delta: *flicks it at him, summoning the trilby back* Fine. 16:49
Delta: Should get anoth-…heh, nah. *passes Hans the trilby as well* 16:50
Hptm. Hans: Zanks. *Pops his normal hat on, just holding the trilby for now* 16:50
Delta: Fair warning, that hat might attract nearby wasps. 16:56
K. Bolt Was Abducted By Bolt. 16:59
Hptm. Hans: ... Right 17:00
Delta: On a brighter note, if it does attract them you have a 50/50 chance of controlling them, or getting stung. rapidly. for an undetermined amount of time... 17:02
Hptm. Hans: ... *No comment* 17:05
Delta: Tests have been inconsistent, they either become submissive or are sent into a mad, hysterical stinging rage. 17:05
Delta: Though since I told you this now, I need you to sign this waiver…*holds up a sheaf of paper* 17:06
Hptm. Hans: ... Nope. If ze wasps kill me, I'm suing. 17:10
Delta: Suing? Oh no no no no Hans, your souls already mine because you're a soldier in a war. This sheaf is to sign off that you agree to me naming you off limits for my medical personnel not to replace your organs or tissue. or add any new ones. 17:13
Delta: Though if you dont want it, maybe you'd enjoy a venom gland. Assuming you can control it almost immediately. 17:15
Hptm. Hans: I'll take my chances... 17:16
Delta: *burns the paper* Ok. 17:16
Delta: Hope you at least still look human though. 17:17
K. Bolt Was Abducted By Bolt. 17:18
K. Bolt Was Boot Kicked To The Moon By Roxxi! 17:20
Rolax Soriiax: Back. 17:20
Hptm. Hans: Velcome back! 17:21
Rolax Soriiax: Thanks. 17:21
Rolax Soriiax: *Munches on her burger* 17:22
K. Bolt: ...ello fishies! 17:22
Rolax Soriiax: Thornara: .... The ******** happened while I was gone? *Stares at Rosa as she was eating a BURGER* 17:22
Hptm. Hans: ... Zis is getting to weird for me. 17:24
Rolax Soriiax: What? I'm ******** hungry >​.>​ 17:24
Delta: Long story short Rosa and Roxxi switched it up 17:24
K. Bolt: (turns burger into mega burger) 17:24
Delta: Oh its Bolt. Hey Bolt. 17:24
Rolax Soriiax: Thornara: So I've noticed. I can sense Rosa in Roxxi's body, so at least that's explained... 17:25
K. Bolt: And now I can't try to seduce Roxxi because she is in my sis's body. 17:25
Rolax Soriiax: Thornara: Heh, really now. 17:25
Delta: A rather entertaining minor setback for you. 17:25
Delta: So Thorn, where have you been while all this was going on anyway? 17:26
Rolax Soriiax: Thornara: I was... entertaining myself. 17:26
Delta: Sleeping? 17:26
K. Bolt: Killing? 17:26
Delta: Sleep-murdering? 17:26
Rolax Soriiax: Thornara: Ding ding, Bolt wins. 17:27
K. Bolt: What do I win? A magical ferret? :3 17:27
Delta: You already have those 17:27
Rolax Soriiax: Thornara: Pfft, like you can't guff that for yourself. 17:27
Delta: Does Guff taste like ketchup? 17:27
K. Bolt: Guff doesn't have a taste, it is undefined existence that requires direction. 17:28
Rolax Soriiax: Though theoritically, yes it can taste like ketchup if you push it in that direction. 17:28
K. Bolt: Exactly. 17:28
Delta: Well that's boring. Though it'd be nice if I could guff up a cinnamon roll whenever I so desired 17:28
Delta: *blinks then grabs Bolt by his shoulders and shakes him* TEACH ME HOW TO GUFF UP CINNAMON ROLLS! 17:29
Rolax Soriiax: *Noms on her mega burger* 17:30
K. Bolt: I can temporarily imbue the powers of guff-meistery into you, but being a guffmeister is a process than can take several rehznymians 17:31
Delta: I'm practically immortal and have several bodies to transplant my memories and conciousness into when this one finally expires naturally. I HAVE TIME! 17:32
Delta: da fuq is a rehnzymia? 17:32
Rolax Soriiax: *Throws some cinnamon rolls at Delta's head* Feb 27
Delta: *They're swallowed almost immediately and are added to teh diabetes count* 17:33
Rolax Soriiax: -w- 17:33
K. Bolt: Several immortal lifehoods, Old Ones have actually seen the beginning and end of time more than once, most gods and immortals will die once their universe collapses or dissipates out of existence, but we Old Ones just move to another one in that case 17:33
K. Bolt: Rehnzyo is an immortal lifehood, rehnzymia is the plural sense 17:34
Delta: …Ok I havent yet figured out how to outlive a universe yet. I know how to survive the cycles but not the universe itself collapsing... 17:35
K. Bolt: rehnzymians* 17:35
Hptm. Hans: Vell luckily for me, I just have 80 or so years to vorry about. 17:36
Delta: Hehe, damn, it'd have been awesome to see Zeus and Ares die before me... 17:36
Delta: ******** assholes… 17:36
Rolax Soriiax: *Smirks* Unless I make you immortal, Hans. 17:36
K. Bolt: A universe is still only a small thing within existence itself, we Old Ones really do deserve our name... we see on levels that most gods would find a waste of time, simply put. 17:36
K. Bolt: It gest boring 17:37
K. Bolt: Which is why I hang out with you guys 17:37
K. Bolt: Its the simple things that often entertain us 17:37
Hptm. Hans: I'd rather not, I've already seen more zan any man should have to. Don't vant to become immortal und have to see yet more. 17:37
Delta: Humans might not last long but they do get things right a few times. it really is the little things that make the biggest impacts. 17:38
Delta: But Haaaaanns. then you'd get to hang out with us, and ME, for eternity! 17:38
Delta: Oh wait, I'm not supposed to test you…nevermind, stay mortal. 17:38
Rolax Soriiax: ...Wise choice Hans. You can escape Delta. 17:38
Delta: Oh come on, I cant be that bad since I'm actually trying. 17:39
Rolax Soriiax: *Waves a hand and laughs* Bah, you know how Hans is a fun-killing nazi. 17:39
Delta: but Jews aren't very fun at all... 17:40
Rolax Soriiax: *Snorts* 17:40
Rolax Soriiax: Thornara: ... not sure if I like new Rosa or not... 17:41
Hptm. Hans: I'm not a Nazi. *Looks quite annoyed by the comment* 17:41
Delta: Embrace it Thorn. and her. ooh 17:41
K. Bolt: Hans is a Nazi, bullcrap. I thought he was just one of those wimpy Germans who grew up as the son of a worker in a sausage factory in Tanganyika 17:41
Rolax Soriiax: You got that wrong, he's a son of a baker. 17:42
K. Bolt: He has no relation to Pantheon 17:42
Delta: What, he told me he was a farmboy! That is bullshit! 17:42
Hptm. Hans: No I didn't, Delta. Vhen did I ever say zat? 17:43
Delta: During the testing periods when I would scan your brain while you were asleep. Though maybe the wheat and horse manure I had stuffed in your pillow had something to do with that. 17:43
Delta: Why would that make him related to Pantheon? he and Leo havent gotten together yet. 17:44
Delta: Wanna know the oddest pairing I've seen in League so far? Morgana and Kog Maw. 17:45
K. Bolt: Sis, can you please change bodies back with Roxxi... I enjoy trying to seduce her, knowing it won't work, but if I can't even try... my sane side tries to talk to me. 17:45
Delta: Whats it saying? Invest in Apple? Get a 401k? Deport Justin Bieber? 17:46
K. Bolt: Rape Roxxi's body, and if my sister is the mind within it... well, more the fun that way. 17:47
Delta: That's what your sane side is saying? 17:47
Delta: That's not your sane side man, thats depravity. 17:47
Hptm. Hans: But quite frankly, zat bakery is vhere I should be. But no, zere's a war, so of course it gets bombed into oblivion. Because clearly a small local bakery is such a threat to ze British und Americans zat zey bomb ze area for three days solid. So I have a choice: Cower in a basement as a civilian, powerless to help if ze next bomb to land vill kill me. Or, join ze Army und have some say in my fate. I zink it's clear vhich one I chose. I'm not a Nazi, und quite honestly I blame zem for zis whole ******** mess. *Smiles sweetly* But of course I'm just a little German Hauptmann, so my opinion doesn't count. 17:48
Rolax Soriiax: Pfft, she isn't here, kinda hard to switch back when the other person isn't here. *Goes back to lay on Hans' barrel on his tank* 17:48
K. Bolt: Hey, my purpose is to ******** with everything that exists in some way, my insane method of accomplishign that is trivial things like annoying Hans or mentioning how awesome bacon is and the like 17:48
Delta: Fun guy..girl…thing. Except when he/she/it puts on that Slaanesh costume and summons their Chaos Marines from the grimdark future to destroy and rape s**t. 17:48
K. Bolt: My sane side basically tries to get me to do my job the way you EXPECT an Old One to do things 17:49
Delta: Ahhh, entirely different mental perceptions. 17:49
Rolax Soriiax: And really Hans? Huh, so I guess I can't ask you to bake me a grand cake in my honor? Feb 27
Delta: *pats Han's head* Sounds like you had a good day Hans 17:50
K. Bolt: Remember, Old Ones LACK morality, so sane and insane is sort of subjective with us. 17:50
Hptm. Hans: Afraid I'm all out of sugar. 17:51
K. Bolt: ... 17:51
K. Bolt: ...did you think to ask me for more? 17:51
Rolax Soriiax: *Guffs up a room full of sugar* Think that'll do? 17:52
Delta: Bolt, can you guff me a new Panzer tank? 17:52
K. Bolt: Yup 17:52
Delta: How about an M808 MBT Scorpion? 17:52
Rolax Soriiax: Bigger question is 'will he'. 17:52
K. Bolt guffs up a bunch of new tanks for Delta, event those he didn't consciously know he wanted... or knew existed 17:53
Hptm. Hans: Vould you look at zat? I'm not in a baking mood. How terrible. 17:53
Delta: My question is, "why wouldnt he"? 17:53
Rolax Soriiax: *Flips off the tank and lands on Hans' shoulders* But why not?? 17:53
Hptm. Hans: Because reasons. 17:54
Delta: Sweetly done Bolt. Wanna play Bumper Tanks? 17:54
Rolax Soriiax: *Sniffles as she hugs his head against her breasts* But... but sweet tooth! 17:54
K. Bolt: (ish watching 2 fast 2 furious atm) 17:54
Hptm. Hans: ... *Glares into the breasts* Nein. 17:56
Rolax Soriiax: crying Why you mean?? 17:56
K. Bolt: Hans, if you do so... I will not have one of your robot girl tanks rape you while you are asleep. 17:56
Delta: *Spawns a dozen clones and they all pile into their own tanks. the background is quickly and loudly filled with the sound of treads, engines, metal crashing and screeching against metal and a few cannon shots* DAMMIT 04, NO SHOOTING! 17:57
Delta: Sounds like the Tank version of Kantai Collection. 17:57
Hptm. Hans: Because apparently I'm a evil Nazi, full of hate und terror. Zat's vhy. 17:57
Delta: is there a tank version of Kantai Collection?! 17:57
K. Bolt: There should be. 17:58
Rolax Soriiax: I never said you were evil! Nor full of hate and terror. 17:58
Delta: If there is, Hans you should play teh s**t out of that! 17:58
K. Bolt: You are not a Nazi 17:58
Rolax Soriiax: I said you were a fun-killing nazi. :3 Like not even literally a nazi. Sorta like saying that I'm a grammar nazi. Feb 27
Rolax Soriiax: Which I totally am. -3- Feb 27
Delta: Hold on, I gotta run over 06. TAKE THAT ********! *screams and blood fly out* 17:59
Hptm. Hans: Right. 17:59
Delta: And yet you didn't correct yourself when you misspelled "theoretically" 17:59
Rolax Soriiax: Ahhh, so glad I'm not me right now~ *Lays back on the barrel of Hans' Panzer, though flips Delta off* Har de har, I was running out of time and was about to go out the door. 18:00
K. Bolt: (has a young random kitsune/fox-morph boy with grey fur walk into the room with with a plush toy of one of the Old Ones, falls alseep in Bolt's lap) 18:00
Delta: LOL! 18:00
Rolax Soriiax: You're laughing at me?! Let's see you laughing at this! *Transforms Delta into a huge cinnamon bun* 18:01
Hptm. Hans: *Whistles innocently, hopping into the Panzer* 18:01
Delta: *Gets eaten by his clones* 18:01
K. Bolt: ...could you keep it down? My son is trying to sleep... =_= 18:01
Delta: This is so weird. I feel undescribable pain, yet I taste so damn delicious. 18:01
Rolax Soriiax: Have yourself a dilemma now. You're a beautiful delicious bun, but you can't eat yourself... or rather, YOU can't but your clones sure as a** could -w- 18:02
Rolax Soriiax: *Raises an eyebrow to watch Hans hopping into his Panzer, still laying on the barrel* 18:02
Hptm. Hans: *Still whistling, closes the hatch behind him. Soon enough, the cannon fires, causing the barrel to shoot backwards in recoil, in addittion to becoming very, very hot* 18:03
Rolax Soriiax: Ow! You b***h! *Was knocked off and now has burn marks* ;_; 18:04
Hptm. Hans: *Pops his head out of the hatch* Ach, I'm sorry. It's... Ach... Routine to check ze gun every so often. 18:05
K. Bolt: ...seriously, Keizo is trying to sleep, Urta has been complaining that his relatives are trying to get in contact with him. 18:05
Rolax Soriiax: *Sobs softly* That ******** hurts. 18:06
Delta: *the clones finish eating the bun and most disperse as one glows darkly and remains* Yeah, huge dilemma. Hehe. 18:06
Delta: Bolt you're isolating your son from his family? 18:06
Hptm. Hans: ... Your a Goddess, deal vith it. *Throws her a pair of sunglasses to help her deal with it* 18:07
Delta: I feel like this room just got a great deal more amusing. 18:07
K. Bolt Was Boot Kicked To The Moon By Roxxi! 18:07
Delta: We should imply Hans is a nazi more often. 18:07
K. Bolt: ...his FATHER's side of the family. 18:08
Rolax Soriiax: *Roars and grabs the barrel of his tank, flipping it over and smashing it upside down on the ground. She then catches the sunglasses and puts them on* Ah, you're right, I can deal with it. 18:08
Delta: Ahhhhh 18:08
Hptm. Hans: *Is now trapped in the tank* Scheisse. 18:08
Delta: Are you okay little Frankfurt? 18:08
Hptm. Hans: ESSEN. I WAS BORN IN ******** ESSEN. Gott verdammt. 18:09
K. Bolt: ...seriously... my son is trying to sleep, he hasn't had a good night's of sleep in the past month, and you guys are really making me very sane. 18:10
Delta: Is that near Berlin? 18:10
K. Bolt: And you won't like me when I'm sane. 18:10
Hptm. Hans: *Facepalm* 18:10
Delta: Hulk, why not take your child into one of the soundproofed rooms? 18:10
Delta: Or I could use one of my natural sedatives. keep him out through anything short of a nuke. 18:11
Rolax Soriiax: *Just puts a sound-proof bubble around the son* There, now he's not disturbed. Stop your bitching 18:12
K. Bolt: Because he needs to be in my presence, otherwise his cousins and uncles and etc. will try to mess with him, and thank you Roxxola. 18:12
Delta: So your presence doesnt have a very large sphere of influence? 18:13
Rolax Soriiax: Rolax -w- Feb 27
K. Bolt: My present... form, is very limited, so yes. 18:14
K. Bolt: (pets son's head) 18:14
Delta: What's teh approximate diameter of your sphere of "presence"? 18:14
Delta: *jams an obscenely large crowbar under the Panzer* 18:15
Rolax Soriiax: *Sits on top of the flipped Panzer* -w- 18:15
K. Bolt: It fluctuates, right now my control over my powers is getting out of control so i risk turning you all into gibbering drooling husks if i let my presence take too much influence, so not very far at all i'm afraid. 18:16
K. Bolt: It's why i need to molest Roxxi, it keeps my sanity at bay, and keeps my power in check. 18:16
K. Bolt: I need a certain amount of rejection to balance out my acceptance. 18:17
Delta: I'll assume a 6 foot diameter then. *pulls the crowbar out and stores it away then grabs Hans and pulls him out of the tank through a shadow* 18:18
Delta: *Flips the Panzer anyway big grin 18:18
K. Bolt: Probably around 3 meters to be more precise. 18:18
Rolax Soriiax: =3= *Flips it back, crushing Delta under it* 18:18
Delta: *rises out of Rolax's shadow* 18:19
K. Bolt: (tosses a bagel at everyone being silly) 18:19
Rolax Soriiax: *Makes the room insanely too bright for shadows, essentially cutting Delta in half* 18:19
Delta: *already stands beside her on plain ground, puts on a pair of sunglasses* 18:20
Hptm. Hans: *Is also crushed under the Panzer from the waist down* ... Vell great, now I get to die in about... *Checks his watch* 10 minutes? 15 tops. 18:20
Delta: You could still sign that waiver. 18:20
Delta: Or not actually, this isnt one of my experiments. 18:21
Rolax Soriiax: *Rolls her eyes and makes the lights disappear* ******** fix him Delta. 18:23
Hptm. Hans: *Is already dead* 18:24
K. Bolt: (rolls eyes, revives Hans) 18:24
Hptm. Hans: *Still being crushed, so dies again* 18:25
Rolax Soriiax: *Somehow gets a Rosalia-duplicate to appear while she gets him out from under the tank, then the Rosa-duplicate restores his body before reviving him, before disappearing* 18:26
K. Bolt: Thank you. 18:26
Delta: Oh, he's fixed. Cool. 18:26
Hptm. Hans: *Smiles innocently* I'll send you ze repair bill for ze Panzer, Rolax. 18:27
Rolax Soriiax: Yup. *Floats and sits on the ceiling, doing her commissions for a famous person on dA. Then snorts* Pfft, I'll send you the hospital bill then. 18:28
Hptm. Hans: Please, zey're minor burns at ze most. 18:28
K. Bolt: (randomly warps space-time in a bubble around himself and Keizo, when bubble disappates nothing seems out of place or different) 18:28
Rolax Soriiax: *b***h smacks Hans and shows her back which were overly burned* Oh yes, because that's all 'minor'! 18:29
Delta: *blinks* Hm, his powers seems to be fluctuating. or he's working to avoid us.
Hptm. Hans: *Is smacked* ... Firstly: You're a Goddess. You should be immune to such zings. Secondly: It's vhat you get for calling me a Nazi. Consider yourself lucky, should see vhat happened to ze last guy vho did zat... 18:30
K. Bolt: (the young Keizo wakes up) 18:30
K. Bolt: Keizo: ...daddy? 18:30
K. Bolt smiles serenely, pets his son's head. 18:30
K. Bolt: (to the others) I created a space-time distortion which basically allowed my son to sleep the time he needed independently of the rest of the universe. 18:31
Rolax Soriiax: *Narrows eyes at him then gives a big splitting smirk* Fine, then I'll just have to teach you the importance of taking a joke. *Swaps his face with Delta's* 18:32
Delta: Useful. Extremely useful… 18:32
Rolax Soriiax: There Delta, now you're the Commander. 18:32
K. Bolt: Keizo: ...daddy, who are all these weird people? 18:33
Rolax Soriiax: Congrats on your promotion. 18:33
Delta: …Not again... 18:33
Hptm. Hans: ********. 18:33
Delta: Promotion? I was an Emperor, now I'm just a commander... 18:33
Rolax Soriiax: Yes. But think of all the tanks and people you control. Feb 27
K. Bolt: They are my... friends. The female is supposed to be your aunt Rosa... but she is body-switched with my ex-wife Roxxi. 18:33
Rolax Soriiax: And to ruin Hans' reputation =w= 18:33
K. Bolt: Hans is my verbal punching bag and adorkable friend. 18:34
Delta: Hans' job was to kill people. I can't do that any worse than he can. 18:34
Rolax Soriiax: Pfft. 18:34
K. Bolt: ...I dunno what Delta is to me, but we are good friends. 18:34
Delta: Oh look, little Bolt's awake. 18:34
Hptm. Hans: Please, my job is about much more zan killing. 18:34
K. Bolt: >​.>​ He has a name. 18:34
Rolax Soriiax: *Smacks Delta-Hans* His name is Keizo! 18:35
Delta: Bolt, nicknaming is my way of confirming that I acknowledge their existence. 18:35
Rolax Soriiax: Thornara: *Promptly stays out of this* 18:36
Delta: You two act severely different from most parents I meet. 18:36
K. Bolt: I am an Old One, nothing we do qualifies as standard. 18:36
Hptm. Hans: I'm also fully incapable of pronouncing ze word Ke... Kiz... Kim... Kim! Kim vorks. He's called Kim. 18:36
Delta: Point taken. 18:36
K. Bolt: And I love all my children. Even annoying Nya-kun I would die to protect if he were capable of being permanently killed. 18:37
Rolax Soriiax: Pfft, I'n not a parent nowadays. Granted, I have like Hikaru to raise and I had a set of twins that is being raised by their dad... 18:37
Delta: Hans, that implies that I can't pronounce "Keizo" instead of choosing not to. 18:37
Delta: yeah, totally nor a parent. 18:37
Delta: *not 18:37
Hptm. Hans: *Points to his mouth* Still my mouth Delta, still my accent. 18:37
Delta: Its not your accent I was pointing out, it was your word choice. 18:38
Rolax Soriiax: Oh please, like they could travel with me =w= Besides, their dad is a ******** assassin, they can learn more from him. 18:38
Hptm. Hans: I can't pronouce it /because/ of my accent. 18:38
Delta: hehe... 18:38
Delta: *switches his and Hans' faces back* 18:38
K. Bolt: Keizo: Dad, your friends are weirder than Helia. 18:39
Rolax Soriiax: How the ******** can you do that anyway in Hans' body? 18:39
K. Bolt: <.< What did I say about addressing her? 18:39
Hptm. Hans: *Stretches his normal body out* Ach, good to be back. 18:39
K. Bolt: Keizo: ...sorry, Momma Helia. 18:39
Delta: So is their dad a sex assassin or did you mean "********" for emphasis? 18:39
Hptm. Hans: So how's little Kimmy Kim? 18:39
Rolax Soriiax: For emphasis. 18:39
Delta: *points at himself* What, you think this body's even my own original body? 18:39
Rolax Soriiax: Fair, but apparently switching faces on bodies means that you have as much power as the body given to ya. 18:40
Rolax Soriiax: Then again, you're just a shadow freak I guess. Feb 27
K. Bolt: Keizo: (looks at Hans) ...dad, is your friend an uke by any chance? 18:40
Delta: Remember when I explained how it was hard for me to die or lose my powers unless someone directly targeted and annihilated my soul? 18:41
Hptm. Hans: Maybe I'm a God, und been hiding it all zis tim... You little son of a... Monkey's Uncle, Kim. 18:41
Rolax Soriiax: Nope. 18:41
Delta: Hehe…Hans is an uke... 18:41
Rolax Soriiax: I tend to tune you out when you start explaining stuff. 18:41
K. Bolt: A chip off the old block, ain't he? 18:42
Delta: oddly enough I'm not surprised. 18:42
Hptm. Hans: I am going to shoot ze next person to call me a 'uke', child or otherwise. 18:42
Delta: ... 18:42
Rolax Soriiax: No you're not. 18:42
Delta: *looks at Hans* 18:42
Delta: You're an Uke. 18:42
Rolax Soriiax: *Snorts* 18:43
Hptm. Hans: *Whips out his pistol and shoots him* 18:43
Delta: *Crumples to the ground* /all WORTH! 18:43
K. Bolt: Keizo: ...(actually illusioned Delta as saying it, was him actually) 18:43
Hptm. Hans: Told you so. 18:43
K. Bolt: Hans... you shot Delta... 18:44
Delta: *dissolves into shadow* Like that would actually do anything 18:44
K. Bolt: Keizo, what did I say about placing illusions onto people? 18:44
K. Bolt: Keizo: ...not to get caught? 18:45
Hptm. Hans: I said shoot, not kill. 18:45
K. Bolt: Yes, try working harder on them... 18:45
Delta: Im not dead yet 18:45
Delta: Good lesson Bolt. That has my entire approval. 18:45
Delta: Actually I feel quite fine. Might go for a walk. Cheerio. 18:46
Delta Went On A Panzer Training Exercise With Hans' Crew. 18:46
Hptm. Hans: Ok zen... 18:48
Hptm. Hans: So, Rolax, let's ********. 18:51
K. Bolt: And sis, please do not try to seduce my son, otherwise Urta will skin you alive and then shove said skin up your a**. 18:51
Chuck Was Boot Kicked To The Moon By Roxxi! 18:52
Chuck: And immediately confused! 18:53
K. Bolt: Hello Chuck, meet my son Keizo! 18:53
K. Bolt: Keizo: ...hello. 18:53
Rolax Soriiax: I wouldn't seduce your son in a million years Bolt. And I guess I'll take up on that offer Hans. *Grins* 18:55
Chuck: Hello Keizo! By any chance, do you make romhacks? 18:55
Rolax Soriiax: Thornara: The ********... 18:55
Chuck: Wait, that's kaizo... 18:55
K. Bolt: ...you two, not in front of my son. 18:56
K. Bolt: (glares) When he turns ten, I will let him watch me and his mother, but until then I want no sexy time when he is around. And sis... do not ******** in Roxxi's body, if you get pregnant not only will Dr. Skarner get pissed, but Roxxi will too, and Hans would be a horrible father. 18:57
K. Bolt: I mean see how he treats his tanks! 18:57
K. Bolt: He won't even name them! 18:57
K. Bolt: (nods head) A horrible father indeed. 18:57
Chuck: Could be worse. He could name them s**t like Ponyboy 18:58
K. Bolt: The fact he won't even try to name them is actually worse, I'd rather be named Arseface than be nameless, at least it would imply my parents put the split-second effort to name me. 18:59
Hptm. Hans: ... Interesting, interesting... So, right now? 18:59
Hptm. Hans: Und I don't plan on being a father. Und a child is completely different to a Panzer. 18:59
Hptm. Hans: For starting, ze Panzer already has an ID number. It needs nothing more. A child, on ze other hand, does not, so needs a name to identify itself. 18:59
Rolax Soriiax: Oh please, I think that I could spawn up condoms. Or something. *Ponders on a sudden though* If nothing else, I should have already been pregnant in my own body; I'm extremely fertile. And Hans had already c** in me plenty of times. 19:00
Chuck: Are you saying children should have ID numbers? 19:00
Hptm. Hans: *Suddenly turns a very deep red* I... Ach... Ze... Vha... *Gives up trying to talk* 19:01
K. Bolt: (shrugs) Just not while my son is here, I don't get enough time to spend with him. 19:01
Rolax Soriiax: *Laughs* 19:01
Hptm. Hans: Vaaaaiiiitttt, you calling me infertile? 19:01
K. Bolt: Keizo: (looks at Rosa, then Hans) ...I was not aware that Hans was into futanari. 19:01
Rolax Soriiax: I didn't. And since when... OH, yeah. Roxxi is a futa, huh? 19:02
Chuck: Check your pants! 19:02
K. Bolt: Keizo: Actually, I was inferring it from Hans's obvious disposition for being pegged in order to enjoy sex. 19:02
Hptm. Hans: Zen... Hm. Actually zen, vhy aren't you pregnant? *Ponders* Und ******** off, Kim, vhen did I ever mention being pegged? 19:03
Rolax Soriiax: Pfft. *Laughs some more from what Keizo said, then shrugs* I dunno. 19:03
K. Bolt: It is obvious that he sees what I see Hans, you are the bottom b***h when it comes to sex. And Hans, I do think you must remember that adultery is a sin... 19:04
Rolax Soriiax: Thornara: *Rolls her eyes* Probably get in enough fights that it makes your body kill off the baby, since it isn't like you're not off stopping something from being killed. 19:04
K. Bolt: The only way to make it not adultery is to sleep with the significant other. 19:05
K. Bolt: Hans, you must sleep with Dr. Skarner. 19:05
Chuck: With...who? 19:05
Rolax Soriiax: He's talking of Lee. *Snorts* 19:05
Chuck: I...right 19:05
Hptm. Hans: I'm not ze bottom bit... Ach, Thornara, now sex vith Rosalia just seems... Depressing. Zanks for zat. 19:06
Hptm. Hans: Und nein, not ******** Lee. 19:06
Rolax Soriiax: Thornara: Hey, I dunno! It isn't like I've been pregnant to know this s**t. 19:06
Rolax Soriiax: *Rolls her eyes* I hadn't been in fights as of late. 19:07
Chuck: See this is why I keep outta all the sex stuff... 19:07
K. Bolt: Well you should Hans. Despite being offered multiple opportunities to sleep with my sister, I declined because not only would it be incest, but even if I grew a kink for incest, but then I would be obligated to diddle Dr. Skarner in turn to make things even out. 19:07
Rolax Soriiax: ....I wonder if Roxxi was aware of that little fact about my body other than the mega weaknesses. *Ponders* 19:08
Hptm. Hans: For someone vho seems to rather like ze idea of me being ******** by a c**k, I'm rather surprised you're not into zat idea. 19:08
Rolax Soriiax: Hell, for all I know, I -am- pregnant in my body and now Roxxi is running around in it. 19:09
Hptm. Hans: Anyvay, Rolax, sex please? 19:09
Hptm. Hans: ... I'd rather not zink about ze child ve'd have. Half German, und half Guardian of Life? Ve'd be doomed. 19:09
Rolax Soriiax: When had you been blunt about wanting sex? Or is it that it's Roxxi's body? *Tilts her head, curious now* And pfft. I had half hellspawns. I think that half-German wouldn't bring about the end of days. 19:10
K. Bolt: Keizo: Imagine the insanity if this Roxxi decided to give my father a sibling for myself... (shudders) 19:10
Rolax Soriiax: Yeah, did I mention that the assassin was a hellspawn? Kinda dodges his own healing spells though, and he still works for a living. One of the reasons why we broke off that relationship and now remain as good friends... with kids. 19:11
Chuck: Roxxi Roxxi or Rosa Roxxi or Roxxi Rosa? 19:11
Hptm. Hans: Just testing your reaction to ze idea. *Had apparently been taking notes* Und I didn't mean ze end of days. By 'doomed' I meant... Ach, I'm not sure. But ja. 19:11
Hptm. Hans: Und I didn't know you had kids. 19:12
K. Bolt: And Hans, I am always seme, and me and Dr. Skarner would fight over the role of seme and I would inevitably win and he would pout and throw a fit and then he would jungle in LoL and get mad when he ends up partnered with a retarded twitch going mid. 19:12
Rolax Soriiax: I mentioned it within this whole conversation, actually. 19:12
Hptm. Hans: I meant, apart from vhen you mentioned it earlier just now. 19:13
Hptm. Hans: Und right, Bolt... 19:13
Rolax Soriiax: Ah. *Ponders then shrugs as she hugs Hans from behind* :3 19:14
Hptm. Hans: Ach, vhy ze hug...? *Is suspicious* 19:15
K. Bolt: ...Hans, she wants to ******** you in the a**. 19:15
Rolax Soriiax: Hey, somewhere in this insane amount of energy and power, there's me in here. And still affectionate. >​.>​ Feb 27
Rolax Soriiax: Pfft, no thanks. For some reason I'm still against a**l even if someone else is on the receiving end. 19:16
Roxxi Was Boot Kicked To The Moon By Roxxi! 19:16
Hptm. Hans: Ach, vell zen. *Hugs back* Und... Glad to hear zat? 19:16
K. Bolt: And speak of the devil. 19:16
Chuck: Switch them back! 19:16
Roxxi: Ask and ye shall recieve 19:16
Hptm. Hans: At least, my Arsch is happy to hear zat. 19:16
Rolax Soriiax: Rox-Rox! *Glomps her* :3 19:16
Hptm. Hans: Great, now zis got twice as confusing. 19:17
Roxxi: Give me a second to review things so I'm caught xD 19:17
Roxxi: up* 19:17
K. Bolt: Roxxi, please switch back with Rosa so than I can try to seduce you and you will inevitably turn me down because you dislike tentacle penors. 19:17
Rolax Soriiax: I can send ya most of what you missed.

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Mafdet of Egypt
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