Ah what a day! My fiance is on duty so I basically just hang out at home and do whatever. Today I decided to keep the chores till later and head to the fabric store. Some of them are pretty expensive but I'm a cheapskate and I'll go all around the store until I find something cheap. I love second hand stores too! Salvation Army and Value Village are amazing for finding good stuff.

At the fabric store, I picked up non fusible interfacing, single fold bias tape, a fat quarter, some snaps and buttons, and a zipper. This is the first time I'm ever using non fusible but at $1.49 a meter, I couldn't resist! Basically, instead of having glue on one surface so you can just iron it on, I have to sew it in. It sounds like a bit of a bummer but it was just so cheap. Damn you bargain floor! stressed

There's a dream project on my list. In Pretty Rhythm Aurora Dream, the main character Harune Aira, is wearing this adorable one piece designed by her love interest . The top is white, a rainbow at the corner, with the word "PRISM" on it. It's got a red plaid bottom to it too. It's the cutest! I probably can't make it now but someday.

I also want to get into colored pencil sketching. I've never been amazing at drawing, I mostly just draw cute faces but it's something I've always wanted to try. Anyone willing to give me any tips?

Ugh I'm so worn out. Maybe I'll get started on sewing. Have a good day everyone! heart