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Jay's Journal

nerd girl Pj
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Im Scared of HighSchool( 1 and 2)
I'm scared of highschool
I'm stressed out, blood pressure high, and only school work is on my mind.
Trying to maintain this average while still being on my grind
I cant handle this, I'm not prepared, I want to ball up and cry
I used to dream of going to college, now I dont know why

This is too much, it's JUST highschool, please tell me why I'm dying
Studying, books killing me, but please believe that I'm trying
It's really hard, and I'm just fifteen, I should have listened when they warned me
Yet I shrugged, just brushed it off, didnt know that I'd have to study

Yo, this is new to me, all I do is sports, how do I make a help sign?
I run and ball, I wanted to try it all, but it looks like I dont got time
This subject, that class, this period, it's too fast
Slow down, let me catch up, I'm going crazy, my thoughts amuck

And I pray to God, and I ask for help, but I just don't do it person
These silent cries, these demon eyes, and these headaches got me cursing
Up late at night, trying to find these answers, and I just keep searching
They aren't here,they aren't there, it's like they just keep lurking

Only way to relieve myself is to voice out all my opinions in my lyrics
But I dont have time, cause school's back to back, and that's the main reason I fear it.

Scared Of Highschool Pt2 talk2hand

Late night study sessions, two to three hours of sleep,
Still trying to be perfect, but I'm in too deep
How do I dig myself out, no shovel, no help
I'm stuck in this hole, just me and myself

I can't back out now, I just gotta dig more
Even though after practice, my whole body is sore
Even though after school, it feels like my brain fried
Even though day after day, it still feels like I've died

Lying, lying, lying, Za! Stop telling stories
These books are like knives and my brain's a bit gory
Keep telling yourself "That's right, you can do it"
You know that ain't true, those words are counterfeit

Counterfeit, fake, forgery, decieved
Much like all the information you've recieved
"College is fun, like a whole new planet"
I wish whoever told that lie would shut up and can it.

So tell the truth, give it to me straight
Is college really worth the highschool wait?
If highschool is killing me, college would be suicide
Diving head first on a nail-impaled slip n' slide

Then, when I think I can handle it, and I'm 5 steps ahead
I'm pushed 10 steps back, like "Oh Za, a chapter you havent read"
Okay, give it to me, I'll read it but that's all imma do.
It's not like I'm learning! This isn't just 2+2!

Yo, I'm terrified of highschool, I can feel the tension
It's like I'm locked in a jail, college is a prison
Scholarships are like saviours, my only pension
But what good is it when my sentence is life?
Locked in the dark, with no hope of light

Shaking, shaking like I have BAD anxiety
Yet it's all I can do, cause these teachers keep tryin' me.
No, I'm not stupid, I'm so smart, you'd be astounded
But the way that school's set up, even I'm dumbfounded.

I wanna quit, wanna give up, because there really isn't a purpose
What's the point in doing this if highschool barely breaches the surface
I'm tired, I'm worn out, my legs just wanna give in
If highschool is a blessing, then I want to sin

Written by : Jaydiamond18
About- Yes, I'm a freshman and I hate highschool. It's beating my ass.

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