Hey there everyone heart so this is basicly gonna be the list of rps im into or interested in.

And yes I rp with both male and female

Now I'm almost always interested in doing new rps as well I just have not tried all that many different ones other then the ones I post here. So if you have an idea that you kinda feel like doing or trying out feel free to let me know and either give me the plot or we can figure out it together!

Now I have no limits really other then just the common things if you want something spacific Please ask I promise I wont bail on you for asking a question.

so without further ado.

pirate crew... (veriety of positions we can rp as in that)
arranged marriage
Prince/ Princess
mythical creature (vampire, werewolf, etc) / human
mythical creature/ mythical creature
kidnapper/ kidnapped
Book/movie plots I play (plot not characters)
House of night
(there were more but cant remember right now)
and I'm sure there's more I'm sure but I'll have to re update it as I go since apparently my last journal entry that had all this stuff on it sooo idk what the heck happened to that.

anyway I prefer playing younger will not go younger then say 10 . I rp either over PM, YIM, AIM so if your interested just let me know smile

and yes I'll do furry/neko and multiple characters if youd like