Some random derpiness has happened over the past few weeks.

I spent 6 days in the hospital for surgery and because I initially had food poisoning at the beginning. talk2hand

I've had over a month without having to go to school and I've gotten to sleep in a bunch lately. lol

I got all of the achievements on Fable Anniversary, which doesn't really feel like much of an achievement. neutral

Achieved over 1000 hours on Minecraft. Yay for no-lifeness! gonk

My brother went away on a week-long hiatus and that made me sad. emo
My brother came back from his week long hiatus and It made me so very happy. blaugh

I won a contest on twitch and should be getting something nice in the mail soon mrgreen

My laptop charger broke yesterday (2/26/2014).. stressed

Anyhoo, not much else to really report. bye bye!