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They live on the military base that is home to the planet's first self-sustaining starship, the Thaleia.

The species is called Novakin; pronounced “No-vah-kin” and their planet goes by the same name.

They are a species of humanoid reptile-like creatures. Fully grown they stand anywhere from 5’8” to 6’6”, although growth can be stunted for any number of reasons. They are very thin and very bony, although they appear somewhat elegant. Both males and females have narrow shoulders and wide hips with muscular thighs built for running, the females do not have breasts. Their eyes have yellow sclera, with an orange iris in similar shape to a cat’s pupil, although their pupils are not visible. Their hair varies in shades of blue and purple (blues are the more recessive genes, like the human version of blonde) and their scales vary in shades of dark greens, the more common colour is an emerald/forest green. The females are more vibrant while the males tend to have duller tones. Their ears are pointed, and droop and perk with their mood. Some have hair inside, some not, it’s genetic. Their hair is actually somewhat sensitive, and alerts them to changes in the atmosphere and such.

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They are extremely empathetic beings, and are able to “flavour the air” with their emotions, manipulating those outside their species, but it allows them to communicate their emotions with each other. Although children are taught to control this at a young age without controlling the emotions themselves. They are relatively calm, preferring not to fight, but they will turn rather animalistic when threatened and often need to be “shocked” out of this attack mode somehow.

Since sex is by no means a pleasurable experience for them, they only have sex for reproduction. Sex can be a very violent act, often appearing as little more than a battle for domination -although if they allowed themselves to explore it more, they might find it to be a more pleasant experience. The males carry the children and give birth after a 13 month pregnancy, and the babies are born usually between 3 and 7 pounds. Both males and females have a reproduction cycle, ranging anywhere between 15 and 25 days. Despite having a reproduction cycle that lasts all year, they generally only mate every three years. They have only one sexuality, gay or bisexual are foreign concepts to them as a species, but they are aware of it in other races and are generally indifferent to it.

The females implant their eggs in the males using a retractable hook-like appendage where the egg is fertilized at the high point in the male's cycle. If it is not fertilized, it gets absorbed into the body. They are not mammals, and feed their infants the juice of Novakin fruits. During the pregnancy, the infant is contained in a blood-filled sac.

They are strictly male and female; third or no gender is a foreign concept to them -although again, they are aware of it in other cultures and are generally indifferent to it. Gender roles play a role in their society, but responsibilities are not shamed or ridiculed, everyone plays an important part, and although the females tend to have more control. To a human's perspective however, the difference between a male or female Novakin is not always obvious.

They can live to be 250 years (some are known to live to 300), but most only live between 150 and 180 years of age due to poor health care on their planet. Until they are between 30 and 34 years old, they age and develop (both mentally and physically) at approximately 1.5 years the rate of humans. Puberty generally begins between the ages of 18 and 20, but some will not experience it until they are as old as 22. Generally they do not reproduce until they are at least 30, but 28 is considered normal among the lower class. Families often have many children since they have longer lifespans and stay young, although it is not unusual for them die within their first 50 years of life due to bad medical practices in poorer regions of the planet.

They are a very proud species, and always love to look their best. Their planet specializes in textiles; they always have beautiful fabrics to wear. They often wear neutral coloured bottoms (shorts, pants, skirts in shades of brown or grey) with a coloured wrap or scarf adorning their upper half. Oftentimes they’ll just wear the wrap as robes, or something in similar appearance to a sari, or wrap and tie them as a skirt-like bottom. The higher up in society they are, the better fabrics they’ll wear. They love jewellery, specifically gold, and glass beads, and will wear them for any and every occasion.

Their planet has four sections, each governed by a royal family. Long ago the planet was governed by one family, but over time split into three other distinct kingdoms, each ruling a portion of the planet. The kingdoms follow a hierarchy, The First, The Second, The Third, and The Fourth.

The plant itself is mostly orange-red. The sky is a reddish colour, bathing the planet in a sort of permanent sunset. It’s a lot of desert, but does have thick forests and beautiful lakes. The plant life generally varies in shades of blue, unlike the green of earth’s. Villages generally centre around a small lake or swamp, and the buildings tend to be either clay or brick. Most villages hold markets year round.

The Novakin year is 368 days long, with 8 day weeks. The first five days of the week are for working/shopping/cleaning/school. The first day of the weekend is for religious activities, the second is a free day (many shops choose be open on this day), and the third day is traditionally for family. Every 6 years the year is one week shorter.

Their culture includes a lot of dance and music, their favourite being drums and flutes.

For a long time their health care was nothing short of terrible, but recently they’ve started doing more research in an attempt to build up their medical field with the help of doctors from other planets.

Name: Kaida-Lynn Ryuujin
Age: 28 (18 in human development)
Height: 5'6"
Weight: 132lbs
Species: Novakin
Appearance: Kaida-Lynn (I do not have a calmer drawing of him off hand,sorry!)
Likes: Grapes, cats, gold, sweets, the colour purple, making jewellery
Dislikes: Fish (food or otherwise), having to sit still
Personality: He is bubbly and generally happy and seems like a very talkative, naive little boy, but he has darker, more complex emotions due to a traumatizing event deep down that he tries to hide from even himself.
History: He and his older brother were sent to the Earth colony to protect them and keep them away from their grandfather who had become a awful, terrible man who favoured the younger and cast the older aside. They lived on the nearby military base with it's leader who raised them as her own. Kaida hated her at first, he didn't know why he had to live in such a tiny cabin, sharing a room with his brother, and leave everything he loved behind. He couldn't take his toys or his pets, and he wouldn't see his parents for many years -if he ever did again. He resented the woman caring for them but he soon grew to love her and everything she did for them.
When he was 24 his grandfather decided the first child to be born on the colony would be of royal blood and forced him to become a parent before he was ready. When he was 8 months into the 13 month pregnancy something went wrong. In a desperate attempt to save both him and the child they performed an emergency surgery to remove her, mutilating some of his reproductive organs in the process. His daughter would not survive the surgery and he would be told that without regenerative technology he would never have another child. After this he puts on a happy face, trying to pretend that the whole ordeal never took place. He never speaks of it and doesn't acknowledge it. He tries to bury the negative emotions so deep within himself that he convinces himself they aren't there. However, he resents his brother for some time, angry at him for not being the one to have the child, until he learns why his grandfather would not allow it.

Name: Keina-Lee Ryuujin
Age: 30 (20 in human development)
Height: 5'8"
Weight: 138lbs
Species: Novakin
Appearance: Keina-Lee (He is the one with purple hair, I don't have a better image of him offhand)
Likes: Strawberries, sweets, gardening
Dislikes: Loud sounds, peas
Personality: He is quiet and shy. He doesn't speak much and feels like he always has to walk on eggshells around anyone but Nicolaie and his brother.
History: He was born in the 4th sector of his home planet, after a neighbouring planet decided to bomb them for being an inferior race. His birth parents were killed shortly after his birth and spent 4 days in the hospital until he was found by the 1st Sector's king on a visit to assess the damages and assist in rebuilding. He was adopted by the Ryuujin family, but his grandfather would never accept him as a member, he would tell him that his blood was "dirty" until the day he died. When the colony on Earth was finished their parents sent him and his younger brother to live with the leader of the military base nearby to protect them. He loved Nicolaie instantly as she reminded him of their mother -she was strict, but kind and sweet and she did her best to provide for and look after them. When they got older his younger brother was forced to have a child. He knew it wasn't fair and pleaded with their grandfather to let him do it, but he would not. The first child on the colony was to be born of royal blood, and Keina was not of royal blood. He, Nicolaie and his parents had planned to go behind his grandather's back to do it anyway, but the week before it was supposed to happen their grandfather found out and moved Kaida's date to the next day. There wasn't enough time to plan around it and there was nothing Keina could do otherwise. He accepted that his brother hated him, but couldn't tell him what happened. He couldn't tell him that he tried to do it, and he couldn't tell him why he wasn't allowed to.

Name: Nicolaie Marie Dunahy