I really want an Ordinary Elevator for the primary background, to complete my otherwise inventory-stock Labtech avatar.
But, I can't justify blowing 420k on it. Every time I go to click, something in me stops.
I'm too old for this sh*t. Too oldbie for this gold and these prices.
I can afford it several times over right now, and I'm still too wary of getting it. rofl Anything over 40k makes me think twice. I'm still stuck in pre-Flynn economy mindset, 2011 mindset even.
I gotta either commit to buying the elevator and equip it already, or close the tab and move on with my life 'cause I got things to do. Hrm. emotion_facepalm

I'm at (3,)695,908gg right now. Maybe I'll go ahead and grab it if the lowest-priced one is still up when I round my next 100k. That would satisfy my compulsion for even numbers (aka the only reason I'm ever able to accumulate any gold).