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new day
I've moved in. That was fun. My place doesn't have internet. Actually... come to realize that my provider didn't charge me for service all last year. Strange. Now I have to pay about $56 a month for tv + internet. It is actually cheaper to do the package deal. I wonder if that means I will get more channels. I was happy with the 20 I had. All I need are SBS, MBC, and DramaCube.. and I guess the Nat Geo channel was nice since it was English.

I am going to use this year to try to realize and face my weakness, and accept it as it is. It's not wise to play it off. I'll do just as you said Mog.
It's hard. But it is right.

Once I'm done cleaning and I've set things just right in the house, I'm going to pray over it, like I did the last house. Except you see I realized I had forgotten to do that until 8 months into living in that place. I've forgotten a lot of important things, first of all to pray in and for everything.

I was praying that my crazy co's wife would not get the English teacher position, and so far she has not. The VP from the other school called and told our VP that this teacher would get into fights with other teachers and with parents of students.

School hasn't known what to do with me the last couple of days. I guess Wednesday was the only day one of the main English teachers was going to be in - and pretty much only as a favor since she is going to a different school this year. (it seems pretty normal for korean teachers to switch schools every few years)
Since the new main teacher is out, I don't have to go in. Or so it seems.
I went in to work today and no one was there. I went to the office and didn't know any of the teachers' Korean names (i only know their english names.. none of the staff know the english names). So after some scrambling, I remembered the old main teacher's name. So I got in contact with the new main, and he's like I think you don't have to be there... so I got his cell number and he friended me on facebook. I was actually waiting for him to message me back about school, when another English teacher came in. She has a very kind manner and was very helpful. She was very surprised that I understood any Korean at all.

Such are the days. But God is gracious.

Cleaned all day. I am starting to see the light at the end - so to speak. I have plenty to do, but now I have a 4 day weekend.
I took a break to come over to the cafe and use their wifi. biggrin

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commentCommented on: Fri Feb 28, 2014 @ 03:43am
I had a dream that I visited you while you were setting up your apartment. I made cake burritos for us. I don't know if cake burritos exist in the waking world but they should.

Speaking of dreams, I keep having angry dreams about bad decisions I've made in the past year where people have negatively affected me. I'm working through a lot of shame too. I like to pretend that they don't bother me now so I won't have to think about it, but it is tough. I gotta say, I think the one thing that keeps me from totally hating myself is remembering that God is for me and He will renew my spirit. So, I guess what I'm leading up to is that I spent many months forgetting God too. It feels like having been in a stuffy room and then coming outside to all the fresh air again.

I'll be praying for your transition to smooth out. I still marvel at the fact that you're in a foreign non-English speaking country and teaching language. I think you're a pretty spiffy lady. <3

commentCommented on: Mon Mar 03, 2014 @ 12:57am
Dramacube? Is it anything like the companion cube?

Piano Players are the coolest people alive and I am one to know this because I am a piano player. Yay for piano/songwriters.

Gustave Papillon
Community Member
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