Codes can be a tricky way to speak to someone. Half of it is hoping to some divine justice that the person you are trying to tell something to will understand what you are saying. The rest of it is expecting some type of response back that lets you know that they understood what you were trying to say. Having said this, should someone I know be reading this during the early morning hour, send me a carrier pigeon would you? Shakespeare was right to write "Love is merely a madness."
Well so I'm getting to one of the darker moments of this short piece. I'm currently listening to songs by Underoath. I can't believe I listened to this band in high school. I would have never been pegged as someone who listens to metal wink
There are a few word choices I might edit out later. I'm going to have my roommate read this before I post the final copy. I probably only have about two updates for this one. WOOO!

Fairen felt her body become more constricted; Kairos had no intention of letting her have free movement. Her arms were at her sides, but she managed to still have a hold on her lightsaber. If she concentrated enough, she would be able to counteract his force grab. She twitched her thumb to try and get her lightsaber to energize. Within about two seconds, her thumb froze, and her blade fell from her hand onto the floor.

She turned her head to face the wall, and her heart jolted. This was the fear she had forgotten a long time ago.

Kairos, regally strolled towards the small young woman, and leaned in to give her what she thought would be a kiss.

“I can feel everything about your body right now. That means everything Fairen. The slightest movement won’t be able to pass my sensitivity.” His breath from his whispering pelted her cheek.

She didn’t respond, and kept her eyes locked on the wall.
Kairos made a “tsk” sound, and used his pointer finger to gently rotate her face so he could gaze into her eyes.