The Pain I Feel Inside

Why can't anyone look into my eyes
And see that I'm not fine
It hurts to know that no one cares
It hurts even more to know that you're all alone

This pain inside, it's killing me
I want it to go away
I can see myself losing it soon
Way too soon

What did I do?
Is it just because I'm alive?
Or is it more
Maybe I'm just born to be hated

Pain is all I think about day by day
I wake up wanting to scream
For someone to realize
The pain I feel inside

Yes, I could ask for help
But that's being "over dramatic"
So I wait for someone to look me in the eyes
And tell me "I know you're not fine"

I never think of myself as a human-being
I'm just here to endure all this pain no one wants to feel
I do it because no one should feel this
Maybe I'm just something else

I don't know how I can stay this strong for so long
The pain inside of me is eating me alive
I just wish you can see
Please be there for me