I am so sad that I haven't been able to watch a single anime yet this week. The time that's it's been since the last time I watched an anime is stretching further and I don't like it. I use to love anime so much, and I was sure that I was destined to become one of the next great anime artists who will create my own work for people's enjoyment. So much has changed since I was in grade school. I still love anime when I get to watch it, but it's been years due to my abusive family who kept me from enjoying anime, the lack of a t.v since I moved out and my forgetfulness as it all slipped from my memory. I want to bring parts of the old Hannah back, but it's not easy. So much is taking over my currently life as a full time college student and girlfriend to a wonderful woman who I love with all my heart (yes, I am gay). I will have my homework finished at work tomorrow when I am behind my desk again and then I will be able to rest for the weekend and enjoy anime. I can't wait!