The Ringmaster Is Gone

Our one leader circus act was finally dismissed.
The Ringmaster died, he will be missed.

Our bearded ladies shaved and our 3 foot tall men bought stilts.
We knew it was coming; even the most beautiful flowers wilt.

Our Jugglers traded their balls for cash; tigers slain for their pelts.
Our clowns with their enormous pants bought better belts.

The act was over, when did the mimes arrive?
The noise was gone, it took a swan dive.

We miss your laugh, smile, humor, and jokes.
Without you we’re just normal folks.

Our family was a circus, but that’s what made us.
A circus without a ringmaster is just unjust.

All of us, we’re no longer close like we once were.
No way to tell if we ever will be again for sure.

Our family was a puzzle that no one else could solve.
You were the non-waterproof glue, and your death was water.
We lost an amazing man; Grandpa, Uncle, and Father.
The substance that held us together was dissolved.

But we'll get it together, this I swear.
The amount of effort I know is fair.
Without our family, all we have is despair.
But when we're together, nothing compares.

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