picture time

Kat You know I hate this girly S*** " Lily complained like a week old pup missing her mothers milk looking at the other woman who had stolen her heart the blond hair blue eyed pain in her a** that she had fallen for some many years ago . " Come one take the picture so I can change , you know I hate not having my knife with me " Rolling her eyes Kat held up a hand " The more you whine the more time this will take pup now hush and smile "

Lily smiled a true smile she loved Kat had loved her almost as much as she loved ... no she loved her more than bacon , and when her mate had asked her for a picture she had agreed thinking she would be able to get away earing her work leathers not the silky thing she had found laid out for her , but with a sigh and promise of a beer after she had sat and let Kat do her hair just right , and even let her mate lead her to this spot knowing full well her parents could see her if they opened there window shades and would never let her hear the end of it . but for her mate her love she would wear this get up all the time.