Just thought I'd try it out. I've always liked keeping a daily log via net, when MySpace was the thing, my "blog" was pretty sizable. Not that I really had anything super interesting to say, it's basically a way for me to remember things and what better day to start than on my 25th birthday.

I'm 25 today, living in Canada like I always wanted to. I guess part of the reason I'm keeping this up is I met the love of my life here. It's not that I wasn't interested but I slowly began on and offing with gaia after that, it was almost like I found what I was looking for and stopped. I do love it, especially now! It's come so far from when I joined and 15,000 gold for something was nuts! But I guess things like that happen. (I wonder if Neopets is still a thing?) I want to keep interested in this site that has everything I like all squished together.

My sister is sort of like a gaia expert and her avi's are always so cute. I'm not really an item hoarder, I just try to dress my avi the way I'd like to dress. If I had my pick, feminine and frilly to the max but that's a little hard sometimes.

Between a move back to the States and my return, I picked up sewing as a crazy addiction. I love making things and I'd love to make lolita clothing eventually. The frills, lace, and adorable flowing dresses! heart 4laugh I love it!

My sewing machine's name is Caroline. I got addicted to ParaKiss before I got my machine for christmas so that's how that happened. I tend to name all of my items. My guitar is Maya, my pink M16 airsoft gun is Stella. Naming things just makes it a little more fun. My fiance started it too. His electric guitar is Little Wolf, his 1911 is Lucy, and his new L96 sniper rifle is Rosie. I think it's fun that he jumped in (Also, saying gun, sniper rifle, and "maybe we can set up a target and shoot outside with the new rifle" tends to make people nervous so this is easier)

We've gotten into airsoft quite recently. I'm not the best shot but it's been fun. We haven't started playing with other people, mostly just practice shooting in the park since the cops gave us the okay. I have a gun that runs on a battery (They call it AEG: Automatic Electric Gun), his is a gas blowback gun so it fires similar to a real gun and it's got lots of pop to it. The first time I dry fired it, I didn't know he had loaded gas into it. I fired it and the shot echoed through our basement and made me jump! The L96 sniper rifle is a new addition and he loves it.

I can't really be a sniper. Ideally, if you can't run fast, you hide and snipe someone out. That's fun too. But being able to run up to someone and just get them sounds exciting! Plus, I'm not great at hiding, my siblings probably have lots of hide and seek stories where I snicker or am otherwise super easy to find,

I like Stella. She's bright pink which might be a disadvantage but my TeddyBear picked her out because she was cute. The man at the store said you have to be pretty badass to wield a pink gun. So I'll try to be bad ass. I was shot for the first time a few days ago. It doesn't hurt like I thought it would but you get this weird little circle bruises. Lately, I've been addicted to looking at gear. I thought coveralls would do it and they will. Not everyone wears them though. I can keep looking. Since there are military guys where I live, there are alot of military and airsoft places. I'm sure I'll find something. Airsoft is not a cheap habit.

Ah, today's my birthday. We're not doing anything today but I feel like I should do something (beyond write this long post!) Maybe I'll hit up Salvation Army and grab a snack. One of the best things about Canada is the snacks! There are so many foods I've been hooked to here. The Kit Kats taste different, there are also things like Coffee Crisp, Aero, Cheezies (Soo good!), and my most favorite Poutine! I don't know if it's super touristy to fall for poutine but man is it good, I can try to write a song about how much I like poutine!

Ohhhh poutine! Gooey and yummy!
BK, Mcd's, KFC, and Wendy's!
Everyone has it!
But NY Fries is so good with everything on it!

Ohh poutine! Ohh poutine!
I wish I had some now.
Ohhh poutine! Ohh poutine!
Excuse me while I get some!

I found NY Fries so funny. I`m originally from NYC. So having a restaurant with NY in it was funny. Also, what`s up with Boston Pizza? It's good but why Boston? This isn't on a "Oh screw Boston, I'm from the Bronx!" with that weird accent TV tends to give New Yorkers. But Boston isn't renowned for its pizza as far as I know. Chicago Uno's makes sense because Chicago has deep dish (and CM Punk crying I'm also a wrestling fan) I just thought it was odd. Well all this talk of canadian snacks is making me hungry. Maybe I'll get some pizza pops (I can also write a song about how much I like pizza pops! whee )