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The Weapons and Abilities of 13 Ayakashi

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Mirror Arts
Mirror Realm

This realm is summoned in two turns. Once summoned this realm consists of 16 mirrors on the bottom level, which rests flush with the ground, these mirrors are 5 feet 6 inches in height, 3 feet wide, and three inches thick, the spacing between them is 5 inches. This creates a circle around the two opponents with a circumference of 54.666667 feet. The second level of mirrors resting 5 inches above the bottom level. At the same dimensions of the lower mirrors (3" x 3' x 5'6" wink with a spacing of 5 inches between each mirror. 16 mirrors reside upon this second level creating a circumference of 27.333334 feet. This second level of mirrors varies from the first level because these mirrors tilt slightly at a 45 degree angle. On the third level a mirror with circumference of 27.333334 feet 5 centimeters thick hovers over the opening of the second level at a height of 5 inches. A mirror on the bottom level appears as well as it rises from the ground the bottom layer of mirrors rises and hovers 5 inches above this basement level mirror. This mirror has a circumference of 54.666667 feet. This traps the two opponents inside the mirror realm. This realm will only reflect the image of Katze and not the other person as they are his mirrors. To procure this realm Katze must let drop three drops of his own blood upon the floor just before him the first level of mirrors springs up the instant the first drop of blood hits the ground then the second level the third drop of blood hitting the ground happens in the second turn. In the second turn the last two mirrors close off the realm completely. The only way out is to break a mirror. Once the mirror realm is completed Katze's reflection is shown in every single mirror stepping back into a mirror his physical body joins the reflections. As soon as Katze enters into a mirror his physical body vanishes from the realm into one of the 34 mirrors that make up the mirror realm. From this position using mainly long range weapons Katze will attack, this attacking will simultaneously happen through out all the reflections yet only the ranged weapons that the actual form of Katze throws will be thrown. The way of travel through the mirrors is by reflection the basement level mirror can not be broken, how ever the other 33 mirrors can be. Traveling from reflection to reflection allows Katze to attack from any direction he wishes, his body moving at the speed of light from mirror to mirror. This movement is done in such speed so that when he leaves a mirror his reflection does not falter. While traveling from reflection to reflection and once inside a mirror Katze can not be harmed. Once again the only way to break out is to break a mirror. Magic attacks against the mirrors will simply be reverted onto the caster of the magic bouncing off the mirrors only physical attacks will break the mirrors. This realm can only be summoned once in a match.

Soul Trapping

This is done on the 5th turn of the mirror realm being in play. (1) The top and basement mirror begins to glow a luminary light from the outside edges of the mirror. (2) The basement mirror begins to liquefy still keeping its reflective properties it begins to reflect the image of the victim to the third level mirror. (3) The feet of the victim begin to sink into the liquefied mirror as though it were quick sand. (4) the full image of the victim is shown in the upper mirror. (5) The soul of the victim is taken trapped inside the third level mirror killing the opponent below. The body of the victim sinks into the basement level mirror, leaving only the realm and Katze behind. The only way to escape this is to escape the mirror realm.

Mirror Trapping

This is a technique that traps the body as well as the soul in a mirror. (1) By letting a drop of blood from his right hand fall from each of his fingertips

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